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  1. Ah I think we both spoke past each other. I always meant I wanted to invoke Alfred with only either Left Opt + Space or Right Opt + Space, not only Left Opt or Right opt. Edited for clarification.
  2. Not only do I invoke Alfred with ⌥+Space, I invoke 60 different things with global keyboard shortcuts, almost all of which involve the Opt key for that very reason; it does a bunch of symbols that I never need. At least on my US keyboard layout. Thank you for the suggest, though I don't want it badly enough to install another whole app with such wide privileges
  3. I invoke Alfred with Opt+Space. Is it possible to invoke Alfred only with LeftOpt + Space or RightOpt + Space ? Otherwise, consider this a feature request 🙂
  4. Seems like it needs to be updated for Alfred 3
  5. Would you mind putting this on GitHub?
  6. @Subject22 Any way to make the workflow move the tab, i.e. close it in the first browser after opening it in the second browser?
  7. Thanks! What I actually wanted is a little simpler: Instead of a built-in search that shows up in Alfred, I just want to search from alfred, but then redirected to the application (for Mac AppStore and iTunes for Apple Music). Like you can do with spotify using "spotify:search:{query}". You know how to do this?
  8. I already own a personal license for Alfred. Can I use this at work?
  9. Nice, but it doesn't close the tab in Safari though?
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