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  1. gandalfsaxe

    Open current URL in Different Browser?

    Nice, but it doesn't close the tab in Safari though?
  2. Is there a way to customize whether it uses Safari or Chrome?
  3. Is there a workflow that does this? I have searched but found nothing
  4. gandalfsaxe

    Autocomplete words from a textfile?

    Oops, missed that. Works now, thanks.
  5. gandalfsaxe

    Autocomplete words from a textfile?

    So the sample file does work for me, but I can't seem to point to another BiBTeX. I tried this: But get this:
  6. gandalfsaxe

    Autocompletion references from .bib file

  7. gandalfsaxe

    Autocomplete words from a textfile?

    Thank you so much! That is exactly what I need. Much appreciated! Where can I find the actual script you made? I see a reference to `citations.py`, but where is this python script?
  8. gandalfsaxe

    Autocomplete words from a textfile?

    Sure, here is a sample: https://gist.github.com/gandalfsaxe/126193c53d1f62b8e810b895bb3348bc Thanks!
  9. gandalfsaxe

    Autocomplete words from a textfile?

    Yes precisely! I'm only interesting in a single string for each BibTeX entry, namely the crossref field, which follows from the @type{crossref, lines. The type itself can be one of 14 standard types (as I confirmed see here, here and here), where @article and @misc are the two most common types (at least for me). Is that still easy to do? PS: How do you do monospace code formatting in this forum? It's not just the grave accent `like this` as in Github Markdown.
  10. Hi all, Does this exist already: An Alfred workflow that will simply autocomplete a typed word from a textfile list of special words? If not, does anyone have an idea of how to achieve this? I'm most comfortable in Python so I could probably start making this myself if somebody gave me some pointers. The use case is auto-completion of references stored in a .bib file when I write academic articles in Typora using pandoc-crossref for references, however I have to remember all references in my head since there is no autocompletion from linked .bib file. (I have asked for this before, however I was probably being too specific in my request, so now I'm making it more general just as an autocompletion system linked up to a file.)
  11. gandalfsaxe

    Apple Music search with Alfred

    And regarding searching Apple Music instead of iTunes Store?
  12. Nice. Is there a way to have it open a new tab? As far as I can see `fo` always uses the last tab in the window.
  13. gandalfsaxe

    Symbol bars

    Oops thanks
  14. gandalfsaxe

    Symbol bars

    Download: http://www.packal.org/workflow/symbol-bars (direct link) Very simple alfred workflow that paste one of the symbols in {#, *, -, =, %} N times. I sometimes find i various programming languages (or just LaTeX) that I want to make a visual distinction between blocks of code. A quick an easy way to do this is with this workflow: #bar N *bar N -bar N =bar N %bar N Example usage:
  15. Very cool workflow. One thing I'm missing is easily being able to switch between Google Maps and Apple Maps? Is the intention that this is set up once and then one of them is used all the time? I was thinking perhaps a simple modifier key could switch between them or something?