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  1. I just realized that I do this by adding a symlink to e.g. /Applications, and then just pointing Alfred to that. Problem solved I'll go with this solution, but if anyone happens to know the answer to my original question, feel free to leave it here for future reference 😊
  2. Hi, Is it possible to press a specified hotkey, and then have Alfred launch/hide app1, app2 or app3 depending on whether the hostname on my current machine is machine1, machine2 or machine3? The use case would be to use the same hotkey on all my computers for opening different versions of portable Visual Studio Code.
  3. Ah I think we both spoke past each other. I always meant I wanted to invoke Alfred with only either Left Opt + Space or Right Opt + Space, not only Left Opt or Right opt. Edited for clarification.
  4. Not only do I invoke Alfred with ⌥+Space, I invoke 60 different things with global keyboard shortcuts, almost all of which involve the Opt key for that very reason; it does a bunch of symbols that I never need. At least on my US keyboard layout. Thank you for the suggest, though I don't want it badly enough to install another whole app with such wide privileges
  5. I invoke Alfred with Opt+Space. Is it possible to invoke Alfred only with LeftOpt + Space or RightOpt + Space ? Otherwise, consider this a feature request 🙂
  6. Seems like it needs to be updated for Alfred 3
  7. @Subject22 Any way to make the workflow move the tab, i.e. close it in the first browser after opening it in the second browser?
  8. Thanks! What I actually wanted is a little simpler: Instead of a built-in search that shows up in Alfred, I just want to search from alfred, but then redirected to the application (for Mac AppStore and iTunes for Apple Music). Like you can do with spotify using "spotify:search:{query}". You know how to do this?
  9. I already own a personal license for Alfred. Can I use this at work?
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