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  1. Because with any kind of data storage (and storing snippets belongs to that category), having the capacity to securely store that data is basic functionality or at least should have been in the specs.
  2. Password protecting snippet is, imo, a VERY reasonable feature to have natively in alfredapp without every single user having to hack python code for such a basic functionality 😉 Plus I hate (and never use) Keychain but that's another subject.
  3. Hello, I end up using Snippets A LOT, and sometimes the snippet description needs to be a little bit precise (more like a phrase, not just 3-4 words). The problem is Alfredapp is cutting snippets description : I would really need to either make the whole alfredapp window take more than, let me guess, the around 40% width of the desktop width it currently takes, which would end up giving the description field more space. Or, inside the Alfred window, have the ability to choose the % of space taken by the left side (where the snippet description is displayed) and the % of space taken by the right side (where the snippet content is displayed). Hope this will get fixed one way or the other, it's one of those things that make me scream everytime I encounter a long snippet description despite me loving AlfredApp! So please make it even better 😉 Cheers,
  4. Hello, I end up storing some data inside Alfred Snippets that would really needs password protection (e.g. API keys that I very often use, etc...) It would be really nice if we had: - one place to store some kind of "masterpassword" inside the App preferences for example - a checkbox when editing snippets "master password protected" yes/no - of course these snippets would be encrypted inside my Alfredapp configuration files (that are backed up to dropbox) Cheers,
  5. Bumping this feature request, it seems to be what I need to solve my needs explained in this thread, especially the "fuzzy search":
  6. Yep @FroZen_X is correct about the wanted behavior. @vitor I'll bump your feature request ;-)
  7. Hello guys, First don't get my title literally... I couldn't find any way to explain it in just a few words. Here is precisely what I want to achieve, hope that helps guiding me in the right direction : - I keep forgetting "snippets" of code, mostly related to coding/VPS administration and such... e.g. I forget how to display the free space on my VPS, how to restart nginx, etc... - So far I've created a couple snippets in Alfredapp but it's far from perfect... Would it be possible to have something like that: - I would first invoque a keyword, fox example "lx" for linux, and then type some stuff that would be analysed as a "fuzzy search". Typically it's a little bit like the way "filter" work but for my code snippets. Any idea on how to implement this ? Do I really need to create 1 Alfred snippet and keyword for each snippet or is there a way to "consolidate" this ? Thanks a lot guys,
  8. Ohh and I also didn't find how to call the imported Python libraries. e.g. I'm trying to add tld library: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/tld#downloads Once downloaded I get all these files here : Now : 1) What files/folder should I move to my workflow (and where is my workflow folder in which I must paste these files/folder) 2) What do I need to do to be able to use basic commands using the Python Library I've added, e.g.: from tld import get_tld from tld.utils import update_tld_names update_tld_names() print get_tld("{query}") Thanks !!
  9. Hello guys, Running v3. Question : My workflow needs a Python library that isn't shipped with OSX... as I'm using my workflows on multiple machines I'd rather NOT have to install various python packages everywhere. Now I couldn't find any information on where to add python libraries that are to be used for a custom workflow... Any information on this ? Thanks, Cheers,
  10. Yes that's what i TRIED to do... but this bloody Alfred doesn't let me connect script with openURL !!!
  11. So it's sent to the next action without actually having to connect the "script" box with the "open URL" Box ?? I still can't get this to work. http://screencast.com/t/pCXg1dsDy I'm using this as script: from urlparse import urlsplit, urlunsplit url = "{query}" parsed = urlsplit(url) # Hostname print(parsed.hostname) in an attempt to the OpenURL with the hostname instead of the long URL but it doesn't seem to work. Another tip ? Thanks !
  12. Thanks, but somehow I still can't connect the dots... I would have expectected to be able to "pass" the manipulated string to the next block "Open URL", but that doesn't seems possible : http://screencast.com/t/uKPwhljiwkxP It's so basic it's driving me crazy not to have this in the standard doc (well if it is, I haven't found it, AlfredApps example workflows are lame lame lame... and don't help in anyway). Any idea ? Thanks, Cheers,
  13. And how would a simple Python manipulation looks like in the case of : Keyword -> Run Script -> Open URL By that I mean how is the {query} string manipulated and transfered from the Run Script to the Open URL ? Cheers,
  14. Hello, I love the "Web Search" functions but I'm really missing a simple way to "manipulate" the {query} string parameter... e.g.: lots of my "Web Search" are based on a URL, so my {query} parameter is something like this "http://www.alfredforum.com/index.php"... but my "Web search" (i.e. the service I'm using) only needs : - the URL without http://www. in front of it OR - the root domain - ...etc Unfortunately there is no way to do basic string manipulation with the "Web Search" functionality... so I have to manually delete the "http://www."everytime which is time consuming and defeats the purpose of Alfred... Could you add such a function ?? Thanks, Cheers,
  15. Hello guys, After reading a few interesting posts on clever file naming tricks for fast spotlight searches : http://www.macworld.com/article/1167126/how_i_name_files_on_my_mac.html http://getmethod.com/blog/2012/6/30/the-best-way-to-name-your-files.html I was wondering whether someone already investigated the creation of such "clever" file naming wordflows ? I searched in Packal but didn't find what I want. Just as a start : anyone as an idea on how to copy a timestamp (e.g. %Y-%m-%d) in the clipboard with Alfred ? Thanks, Cheers,
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