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  1. thank you for clearing that up and confirming
  2. We used to have our servers spotlight/alfred searchable at the office. We have Synology servers now and our IT guy told me that Spotlight indexing/searching is no longer possible with non-Apple servers, and since apple no longer makes servers, indexing/searching is now a thing of the past. Is this true, is there no workaround?
  3. ah I see, i couldnt tell if it was OSX or alfred. The wildcard worked though! I believe I have the full paid Alfred, as Ive used alfred for years and wanted to support it. How would a workflow speed things up by the way? would that be like if I created a custom search function like "w metabolic" which would tell alfred to search for "metabolic" with a wildcard (the "w" meaning "wildcard search")?
  4. thank you for your answer! Is there any way to tell alfred to regard dashes as "word boundaires" ? I've been using dashes for a lot of my files for years as a part of my file organization process. A lot of people that do things for web and other software that doesnt allow spaces are probably in the same boat as me. If this isnt an option it seems like it would be a good feature request!
  5. There are some files Alfred cant find, unless I use the exact file name. I have "Fuzzy matching" enabled. I have a file on my dropbox called "2017-02-03-AnyLab-Metabolic Panel.jpg". When I search Alfred with "metabolic" there are no results. However, if I search for the exact file name it finds it immediately. (Note: Spotlight cant find the file either, I'm not sure if thats part of the issue)
  6. managed to get closer to a fix by using the terminal and typing mdutil /Volumes/name -i on now i can sometimes get alfred to find items in this drive, but it seems to not find them a lot of the time and i have to try alfred a few times to get it to work. not sure the issue
  7. update: sorry just noticed that spotlight ISN'T able to find these servers like I thought it was! i guess thats the real problem. I have searched online and haven't been able to find an answer to this. not technically an "alfred problem" but it is preventing alfred from working. has anyone experienced this before or found a solution?
  8. At our office they recently updated the servers and Alfred can no longer find any files unless they are on my local machine. Any ideas? Yosemite 10.10.3 Alfred v2.7.1 Notes: I've tried re-adding the servers to the "search scope" in "Features." Spotlight is still able to find the files on the servers.
  9. Is there a way to blacklist certain folders from Alfred search? (I don't want Alfred to search for my backup folders, I only want to open originals) I backup many files on my Dropbox. I've noticed that Alfred finds these backup copies in my "find" search and often orders them higher than the originals, sometimes I don't even see the original unless I type out the file name more specifically. This is a problem because I can accidentally make an edit on a "copy" of a file, only to have the original write over this copy in the future.
  10. someone at work keeps duplicating files and putting them into a folder on the server... i still need to search this server but dont want to open their duplicates by mistake.... how do i "hide" a folder from alfred?
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