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  1. Hi everyone, I use Alfred Snippets a lot. I have two languages on my keyboard - English and Russian, and all of my Snippets use English for their keywords. It works great when you're on the English keyboard - you type the proper keyword, and it automatically expands. But the annoying thing is that when you use another language (Russian in my case), you press the same keys (which becomes like a "muscle-memory" for you with time) - and nothing happens. So, for example, I have a group of Snippets with emojis, and one of them is`!thu` ("thumbs up", "
  2. Hi, David! Yep, thats it! Thank you! I was so close Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Thanks!
  3. Hi, David! I'm trying to create something like real time progress indication for my Alfred workflow. So, I've tried: tell application "Alfred 2" search "dpbo" tell application "System Events" to key code 36 end tell Where "dpbo" - proper progress indication Script Filter (and it is linked with this osascript). But it looks like Enter is not handled by Alfred - there is no auto refreshing happens. If I press Enter by myself - all fine, info would properly refresh. Can you plz help me? What am I doing wrong here? Also, it would be great to add some sleep in this osascript to make
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