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  1. It certainly should be allowed, crazy having to relaunch to do something that simple, I'm surprised it's not been requested before. Maybe it's just me that changes my mind and wants to go into reverse! Q
  2. Hi If I load up the clipboard/snippet viewer it opens up and that's fine. At the top of the list I can open up a list of available snippets or I can click on one of the items in the list of clipboard items if I wish to. However, if I open the list of available snippets and then decide that I want to go back to the list of clipboard items instead how do I do that? I've tried all the keys I can think of to no avail and at the moment I have to press the esc key to close the pane and then toggle Alfred again. I'm sure there is another way of going back to the opening list that I have failed to find. Thanks, Q
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