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  1. Unfortunately doesn't work at all on Alfred 3. And the old 1.1 version stopped working as it suddenly reset the Dropbox folder to store screenshots and the "setupss" doesn't work to change it
  2. Thanks Dropbox. Not only are the images gone but all links are dead. Any way to download v2.0? (Or any way to make jpg the default in 1.0?)
  3. Would like to see more - like seeing current wifi ssid or switching...
  4. Also it didn't work with both API keys set until I chose a default location.
  5. Exactly. Preferably as few keystrokes as possible to get the password in clipboard.
  6. Many bugs. PM/AM incorrect. Can't handle "&". Can't handle 27th instead of 27. Can't handle many natural language options or alternative structures. Popup to ask for access to calendar 100s of times per event.
  7. I had exactly the same issue until I tried the beta. However, it still has the "." issue and can't seem to handle passwords with character that need escaping. Further, it would be nice for it to be able to grab the current tab's domain to input automatically...
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