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  1. My workflow dynamically generates script filter objects and it fetches icons from clearbit logo api. Sometimes it detects non-rectangular icons, and even though those look fine in script filter object configuration window, they are stretched beyond recognition (see the screenshot) in results and workflow overview. I'm on v3.0.2[676], OS X 10.10.5
  2. Hi deanishe, Thanks for your answer! Looks like I'm stuck with my own implementation of fuzzy matching for now then
  3. Hi I have question regarding the "Alfred filters results" script filter option. Does it support fuzzy filtering?
  4. Description: Define URL templates, assign keywords to specific url template expansions, have your services at your fingertips. Use cases: assign keywords to different project dashboards in bug tracking, error tracking, application monitoring services; open different mailboxes and calendars Project on GitHub: https://github.com/v-yarotsky/dawg Screenshot: OneLogin: Usage Example 1: open different gmail mailboxes in the browser: Run "dawg edit" in Alfred, replace file contents with the following snippet, then save & quit the editor (don't worry, it'll run a sep
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