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  1. Hey all, Was just wondering if there was a workflow available for sorting through applications. I currently use a workflow that allows me to search through different safari tabs which is extremely useful when I have dozens of tabs open/multiple screens. Was hoping there was something available like this for searching through different open applications. P.S. something that could work on alfred 2 would be awesome! Thanks in advance
  2. Hey all, Just purchased powerpack and am getting used to the power of workflows. Is there an option to quickly undo the action of a workflow? For example, If i'm using the "move" workflow and accidentally move the selected file to the incorrect folder, is there any way to quickly reverse the action without having to search the file again? Thanks!
  3. Can someone help me understand why I'm able to create reminders for a certain date, but the time always remains 12am? http://postimg.org/image/8rhf9wtb3/
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