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  1. Recently started using some new applications and the triggers I'd set up in Quicksilver are no longer working with those applications (BusyCal 2.6.3, for example). My understanding is that Quicksilver has become somewhat out-of-date, so I'm trying Afred so see if it will work better. I'm looking for a way to paste specific color data over text (in TextEdit, Yojimbo, or OmniGraffle, for example). In Quicksilver, I used the shelf to store the color data, then set up triggers with a different hotkey for each specific color: red, green, blue, etc. (Red was "Shift-Option-Command-R", for example, and blue was "Control-B".) The shelf was a key step, because I couldn't figure out any other way to isolate the color data and put it into the command field. I'm a teacher, and being able to paste colors over highlighted text quickly helps me when editing and giving feedback on others' writing (essays and articles, for example) or when composing my own lesson plans. (Red means "cut this text", blue means "rethink this part", green means "I went ahead and fixed this for you"). My question is: how do you set up a hotkey that will change the color of highlighted text to a specific color?
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