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  1. Seriously, this is a bit of a problem now. There are so many great workflows that are constantly getting updated but there is not good way of knowing what is the most updated version. I wish there was a way to fix this.
  2. Definitely one of the best workflows to come out so far. Great job man. Thank you so much. I had no idea I wanted it till I tried it.
  3. David, I just had an idea. Is there a way to add onto your workflow certain ratings that you use a lot and set up shortcuts for those ratings? I use 4, 4.5 and 5 the most; sometimes I use 3 and 3.5. It'd be great to have a faster way to just jump to 4.5 or 5 without having to type rate 4.5. Maybe a keyword of 'rate5' that shows up which can be highlighted and entered. I don't know, maybe its not the smartest thing to do but I thought I'd pass it on to you to see what you think. Thanks again, been rating like a beast these last few hours.
  4. Seems to work fine right now. A couple songs wouldn't take the half star but that was in a small minority of test cases. All in all its a solid workflow. Thank you so much for working it out.
  5. Great job! I was wondering, is there any way to allow for 1/2 stars like 4.5? That would really make it perfect in my humble opinion. Anyways, great job and I hope to see more workflows soon.
  6. Holy Crap! I go to bed and wake up and everything I've ever wanted it right there waiting for me. Thank you so much Tyler and GamerChase. Thats incredible. And that special little workflow for the Library folder Tyler, thank you so much. You guys are awesome.
  7. That works so excellently!! Great job David! And thank you JuhaT for the idea.
  8. Thanks you 2. I really appreciate it. I'll look through the forums again for the Show System Files workflow. I couldn't find it the first couple of times looking but maybe I just missed it. Tyler, if you could help me with the Library folder that would be great. If you could link those two workflows for memory purge and show system files that would be great! In terms of the Force Empty Trash, this is the link to the V1 Extension: http://phase1geo.tumblr.com/post/10587536897/alfred-extension-force-empty-trash I had no idea that a Thesaurus workflow would be so tricky. Its all good. I can just use google. No need to spend your time on something like that. But I'm going to try that Wolfram Alpha workflow, see if that jives with me. Thanks again you 2.
  9. There are certain extensions that I had with Alfred V1 that aren't currently in V2 that I'm hoping to see soon. I wish I could do this stuff on my own but alas I have no earthly idea how to do any of that stuff. If these already exist, GREAT, please post a link so I can find it. Otherwise, I hope someone creates these, I'd really appreciate it. 1. Force Empty Trash - I use this so often its a shame it doesn't exist for V2 2. Force Memory Purge - another great one that I use often 3. Toggle System Files - getting to my library folder used to be so easy with V1 but now its a bit of an ordeal. 4. Thesaurus - I could have sworn this one was in V2 but I can't find it. Thanks so much in advance.
  10. Holy hell, this workflow went through a lot of updates. I'm so glad it did, its such a useful one. Great job, and please keep'em coming. I wish I knew how to make this stuff so I didn't have ask or wait for someone to do it. Thanks again.
  11. Where is it? All the links above are dead. Please bring it back.
  12. Thank you so much for this workflow. I really appreciate it.
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