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  1. Thanks for enlightening me. For me the email search was THE feature until it disappeared. Anyway, thats that.
  2. How is this going to go live if Apple doesn't support it? I am asking, not questioning, lest you misunderstand. And can we not do the same?
  3. I’ll forward their email. Which I’d should I forward it to? The email is for the beta version download, so that might help
  4. Houdah has announced that their latest version can search email. Can you replicate what they’re doing?
  5. I have two MacBooks, one at home and another one at the office. How do I use the clipboard history feature from the office MacBook when I come home and am working on the home Macbook?
  6. I have many items in my clipboard history. I want to select and delete some of them. How do I do that?
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