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  1. What is the delay for? Does Alfred use the clipboard behind the scenes to make the magic work? Last week I've migrated away from TextExpander to use Alfred snippets instead. If noticed a few quirks since the change - and this one is by far the most annoying. If TextExpander works the same way behind the scenes, perhaps have a look at what their delay is, since I never had the issue before. If you're interested in why it's problematic for me: You can wrap text in Skype, similar to markdown, to use a monospaced font. {code}Hello World{code} I have a snippet for {code}. 75% of the time I'll paste my clipboard in after using that snippet, but the other 25% of the time I'll hand-write some code. I could try to separate those into two distinct snippets, but it seems painful to re-learn, and for no real productivity gain.
  2. I had the same issue. Auto-expand wasn't working although everything looked correct. I fiddled around (toggled "Automatically expand snippets by keywords" a few times, quit Alfred Preferences) and suddenly they started working - yay.
  3. Thanks for the tip guys. My main interest is pausing and skipping tracks so it seems like a bit of overkill at the moment (it's currently downloading 13K pieces of artwork). But it sure does look polished
  4. I'd love to control my music using the remote. Unfortunately it seems like it's hooked up for ITunes. The music function keys on my keyboard will pause/play Spotify, I really wish the Remote had the same functionality. I'm sure some tinkering can mimic this - but Spotify (and other music service) integration out of the box would be nice. Non-itunes music sources are far from rare these days
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