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  1. I would love to be able to kick off a workflow with an argument - typing that argument in ios. I'm a web developer and sometimes my VM is executing time consuming compiles / builds. Doing that remote stuff would be amazing. Maybe I can use Remote to monitor the vm by SSH too. My favourite workflow I've made triggers a hotkey that kills personal IM / music apps when the dev ops guy is troubleshooting on my machine. I should make it switch from Colemak to Qwerty too.
  2. Awesome! The use case I'm working on now may get hundreds of results, so I'm going to keep tinkering with terminal stuff! Thanks for your help guys!!!
  3. Loving this workflow! I thought it was broken but realized artists aren't fuzzy. Maybe it's scope creep, but it would be cool if it could ignore the "the" on stuff.
  4. Yeah, File Filters look awesome, but unless I'm missing something I can only bring up a file list that still needs buffering or something to open multiples, I want something a bit more hands-off. I played around more trying to leverage my n00b terminal skills more than Alfred features. The closest I've come so far is a workflow and some grunt work: A keyword input with the argument of the file name. eg. "findfiles config.rb" This fires off a terminal command: find . -name '{query}' The result in terminal is line after line of the files with that explicit file name (I think this could be ti
  5. Hello! I love Alfred. The find and buffer work awesome for handfuls of files, but I'm a product manager for a collection of websites that may soon number in the hundreds, or thousands! Using the buffer to add each file may become untenable. Is there a way (native Alfred "find", or otherwise) to automatically open all of the files with an explicit file name at once? Maybe even just limiting it to within a parent folder. My dream workflow would be something like the keyword + query combo of "findall config.yml" opening all of the config.yml files in Sublime (the default editor of yml) at on
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