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  1. I switched to static IP to use Alfred Remote as the other log on method did not work very consistently. Since then, Alfred Remote is fine. However...my B&W Zeppelin Air no longer shows up on the network and I had a similar problem with my network printer that required it to be deleted and re-added. Are they related, do you think?
  2. It seems to be running. I can't see any reference to static or otherwise in system prefs
  3. Hi Have rebooted and it still does it. The Mac is set to never sleep (unless I tell it to) so I do not think that is a cause. Would not know about the IP address - where will it tell me if that is static?
  4. Hi All Am enjoying the new Remote app on my iPhone 6 Plus. One issue so far: if the phone sleeps or is taken away from the network for a while, I have to switch off the server in Alfred and then switch it back on again. Maybe I have something set wrong, but should it not simply reconnect as soon as the phone is back on the network? The need to open Alfred, check and uncheck every time is a bit tedious.
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