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  1. Andrew there is the possibility that ip routing is not enabled or a setting that prevents devices talking to each other. I can't confirm from my resource however since I can connect on two other networks please consider my issue closed. Thanks for your help!
  2. My Mac is My iPhone is Router and DNS on both are
  3. I am running into the same issue, unable to connect over wifi or direct connection at work. I created a new user which also did not resolve the issue. I am able to connect on my home wireless. I am able to connect if I start up a personal hot spot on my iPhone. I am not able to connect on our work wireless or using the direct connection to the Alfred server. I did notice when connecting to our wifi that the cert was out of date and agreed to proceed. Not sure if it would help but I went into the apple keychain and checked that all parameters for the cert were set to trusted. No luck though.
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