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  1. I love this theme. I find it also works really well with the Eurostar font if you don't want to/can't buy Micro Square.
  2. Being that this is the features suggestion section of the forum, I know the feature doesn't exist in Alfred. That is why I am suggesting it.
  3. I'm saying that there should be an option to set a default skin tone, not a workflow. However, if someone who has developed an emoji workflow could code an option to set a default, that would be fantastic.
  4. I'm back to ask Alfred to please consider making this a native/built-in feature. I moved to another launcher a while back as they had this feature, but I missed Alfred's power. Pretty please with sugar on top? Even Slack allows you to set a default skin tone. :)
  5. I would love the ability to set a default skin tone for emoji. I know another utility that makes this possible, but that utility is a real memory hog.
  6. Hi, Can anyone explain how I can select the different skin tone emoji using Alfred? Thanks!
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