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  1. Hi! I did try temporarily turning off the firewall but it didn't work. I also tried the new profile thing but that didn't work for me. I did manage to solve the problems I'd been having. I'll explain what I did, even it was just a peculiar coincidence, it might prove to be a useful option for others having trouble. *** I did a "nuclear" version of "turning it off and turning it on again". I switched off every single wifi device in my flat, finishing with the router. I then switched them back on one by one. I obviously started with the router then the mac that was causing all the
  2. Hi I'm having trouble connecting the Alfred remote app to my macs. I have a macbook pro ( and a macbook air ( With the former I've managed to connect my iPad mini ( to it *once* using direct connection after many many attempts. It doesn't want to know about my iPhone 5S ( at all. With the air I had more success. Was able to get both iDevices to connect (each thru direct connection) relatively quickly but today no luck. I've tried deleting the macs from the remote app and the iDevices from Alfreds settings and then trying again.
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