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  1. Interesting....It seems to be working okay for me on Big Sur. I, too, had been using a different workflow "iMessage to Friend" multiple times a day for years and years. It doesn't work with Big Sur, unfortunately. The biggest difference with this one, is that before I could literally type my message in the Alfred pop up window. This workflow, while great, only seems to open up the contact I type in Messages. I then have to have exit out of the Alfred window to begin typing my message. Is there a way to actually type the message in the initial window?
  2. I've used this workflow multiple times per day, every day for years and years. It is great! But now it doesn't work with Big Sur. Any ideas on how to get it going again? TIA
  3. It is called iMessage to Friend. I'll look for the thread. Thanks!
  4. This workflow doesn't seem to be working after I updated to Big Sur. This is my most used workflow and I'm stuck. Any advice? It uses the NSAppleScript.
  5. I, too, had the same thoughts as I installed and began playing with AR. I agree with Deanishe...I view AR as a magic keypad. Here are some of the functions I'm using (and loving) on a regular basis: As a side note, I use multiple (7) "desktops" so I have MANY programs up and running all the time - each on their own desktop space. Controlling iTunes (somebody walks into my office, I can push pause or mute). I know this is on my keyboard, but it seems easier to find/quicker to press on AR. Jumping to certain websites (I have a few sites I visit multiple times per day. No matter w
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