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  1. what i meant was instead of using arrow keys, backspace, return etc. I now have the other way and my muscle memory is just in the way at the moment. Just have to get used to it ^^ Im also using Keyboard Maestro palettes for various apps that are already helping a lot. thats pretty interesting tho as i make a lot of changes at the moment. Better to refresh via script than pressing the button in karabiner. im on el capitan as i reverted back quite a while ago, so thats no issue Do you have any settings tipps? Like Karabiner Parameters related? @deanishe and @nikivi what is your biggest advantage of Typinator over Alfreds textexpander? Im testing it currently and already like the fuzzy, powerful search. Just try to justify the value for it with some more opinions.
  2. @nikivi thanks for sharing all of this. it certainly takes some getting used to, but i can already say that this way of binding i move my hands less and its more efficient. Only Problem is that i have to force my mind to adapt at the moment. Also that i changed now capslock single press to esc. I have had the Hyper key functionality, but just now added the esc single press. I already have issues with other machines, but after this...man, haha
  3. That's actually an even better approach. I'll search your Karabiner setting in Github and implement it. I first actually set J and K as up and down but then thought about the gamer hand haha. This however seems to be better as of the combination with selecting text. How have you set backspace or is it not replaced?
  4. I myself am currently toying with the whole simultaneous key trigger thing from karabiner pointed out by @nikivi. Like at the moment im fiddeling with these settings: Sticky: A+F = Return A+J = Cursor Left A+I = Cursor Up A+K = Cursor Down A+J = Cursor Right This let's you navigate through Alfred without leaving the keyboard row(Takes some getting used to atm). Simultaneous Keys: D+O = Recent Downloads via @vitor Workflow F+O = Show folders only in Alfred via Filefilter F+J = Typinator Quick Search. Im currently trying it out thanks to @nikivi and @deanishe F+S = Create Snipped from selection in Typinator Y+T = Youtube Searchio search via Workflow from @deanishe G+O = Google Searchio search Workflow from @deanishe Overall this is just fiddling around and a thing that my muscle memory has to catch up to ^^ Btw do you guys have a collection of Typinator phrases or overall a snipped collection? Cheers, Frozen Edit1: Sadly i cannot search the content of a snipped via Alfred which would make it a lot easier
  5. Karabiner Elements doesn't have the standard things like Tab mode or Launcher Mode. I myself have like nikivi now things that i use from Karabiner that i cannot live without. That starts with a simple "Tab+Q" to switch between apps or "Tab+1" to switch tabs in my browser. I haven't tried the whole two keys at once approach yet and will look into what @nikivi has done.
  6. I start to get interested in it too. I have been looking at your Github and have to see how to do the simultanious press. I already use sticky keys but i could make way more out of them. I however still try to find a good system that fits and let's me remember everything. A good way however is having the same hotkey everywhere and use Keyboard Maestro Palettes. Would be cool if you could post a video where idk you show some ways of a hardcore way of using all functions together. Cheers, Frozen
  7. What Keycodes are you trying to send? If you wanna trigger a workflow then i would do it directly via an external trigger. Other than that you can also open Alfred with a string or so: tell application "Alfred 3" to search "{query}"
  8. What about ⌥+⌘+V that actually pastes in via moving the file and not copying. Edit1: just realized damn is that post old.
  9. 1. Yes, just press ⌘ + ↩ instead of just ↩ 2. Not that i know, but you can choose a file and then press a button like "Ctrl" and get to the actions section. There you can either choose "open with" or you can create your own actions to open it with your desired application. The button to enter Actions can be set under Alfred preferences → Features → File Search → Actions 3. Yes, search for the person and when shown just press ⌘ + O
  10. ummm am i wrong or can all this be achieved with Alfred functions oO "Replace" and "Transform", that's what I'm using however plus some regex.
  11. You can actually share network via bluetooth to your iPhone. That way you can use Alfred remote. I myself share the Ethernet connection via Wifi and connect that way as i have a server running but Alfred remote works too Edit: System Preferences → Sharing → Internet Sharing
  12. That makes things more interesting. Having a multi buffer that is accessible at your finger tips. That's like the Alfred buffer, however i would love to see an option to handle it better (own shortcuts, maybe workflow option). Currently you cannot just buffer multiple files in different locaitons quickly and handle them easy. I often see myself using the "File Selection" to move files, but that's not it yet. Looks like a good idea but needs a lot of steps. I'll see what i can come up with when i have some time
  13. That's a good point! I just tried it and it seems to act the same way: Ignore launchbar lol i actually don't use it haha, reminds me that my solution for server indexing might be just syncing it lol....All operations wait until the current one is done in this case. Right before posting, you can actually set it the way you want to: Cheers, Frozen
  14. What do you exactly mean by queue file operations? Like 1 by 1 i assume but doesn't Forklift do the same? I can activate the action window and see it running from top to bottom while performing an operation (copy, move etc.). So it seems you're currently more often using Forklift especially due to the quick access through your workflow. Interesting, i never actually tried any finder replacements until now. I however always thought that there is something missing in finder. Forklift is the app im currently trying and starting to like. Dropshelf is something that reminds me of unclutter, but like @deanishe mentioned it might be a pain to move with a bigger screen isnt it? Thx for the replys and opinions from both of you so far
  15. What are you personally thinking is the best Finder replacement? ForkLift gives both things, finder replacement and syncing. @vitor I would like to hear your opinion too to this theme. Cheers, Frozen
  16. I see this being really useful for me actually. This way i can sync the server at work with my computer and have always up to date files. I was looking into other services but haven't found anything decent that doesn't cost a fortune...plus this is a better version than finder. I mostly use Alfred to navigate through files, but especially at work i handle more files with finder and Alfred together. Edit: Gotta have to add that i use Hazel to automate file management on my Computer. However the server at work is Windows formated sh*it...sry for the language but its terrible as it can't be indexed and wonderfully searched by Alfred...I don't understand how bigger companies don't use their brain and are ignorant to others opinions to improvement...back to the theme, gonna check out Forklift the next weeks ^^
  17. Time to try out Forklift saw a colleague using it before. What are the advantages of it? Or better what do you mainly use it for?
  18. lol haha was too tired last night to notice ^^
  19. I've never used BeautifulSoup myself, but here is a working workflow that does what you want i guess: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p4t8qqfr93evzqr/LazDoc.alfredworkflow?dl=0 import sys import httplib2 from workflow import Workflow, ICON_WEB, web from bs4 import BeautifulSoup, SoupStrainer def main(wf): url = 'http://lazarus-ccr.sourceforge.net/docs/' response = web.get(url, stream=True) http = httplib2.Http() status, response = http.request('http://lazarus-ccr.sourceforge.net/docs/') # throw an error if request failed # Workflow will catch this and show it to the user #response.raise_for_status() # Parse the response for link in BeautifulSoup(response,parseOnlyThese=SoupStrainer('a')): if link.has_attr('href'): wf.add_item(title=link['href'],arg=link['href'],valid=True,icon= ICON_WEB) # Loop through the returned posts and add an item for each to # the list of results for Alfred #for post in posts: # wf.add_item(title=post['description'], # subtitle=post['href'], # icon=ICON_WEB) # Send the results to Alfred as XML wf.send_feedback() if __name__ == u"__main__": wf = Workflow() sys.exit(wf.run(main)) Gonna get some sleep now ^^ @deanishe will probably have a better version tomorrow he's the king when it comes to python Cheers, Frozen
  20. wait i guess i misunderstood what you wanna achieve....its getting pretty late here lol
  21. The workflow i downloaded doesn't have deanishes workflow library oO other than that you gotta have to use python lazdoc.py "{query}" to send the query to the python script and change "with input as argv" to "with input as {query}"
  22. https://dropfile.to/ or https://www.dropbox.com/ work the best usually. You can easily export the workflow, that way we'd have what you have which makes it easier to debug.
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