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  1. If you set a variable for instance {var:filename}, you can't access it in applescript itself. For instance you set first var:filename and then var:destination in one stream, then you want to access it in applescript via {var:filename} or as varg $filename. It simply doesn't work, or me and also andrew have done something wrong lol Could also be that this has been fixed now in another version oO How do you access multiple vars that have been set but at not set as environment Variable? Like anything else can access the vars that i have set, but not applescript. I solved this by combining the vars a step before with a delimiter which i simply split in the applescript itself.
  2. Yeah its a problem with AS, i was talking with this to andrew already here: https://twitter.com/alfredapp/status/735110823018913792
  3. I would probably add a check for each value, if its "" to prevent mistakes. For that you can add an easy JSON feedback that is shown in alfred for any case. Other than that like deanishe said, any way is possible. You could even use Applescript, if you work with it in your next step anyway. There you just have to keep in mind that you cannot work with varg from alfred. Therefore you have to get the {query} and split it in the script itself which isnt a problem tho.
  4. Hello, it would be cool if it would be possible to deactivate the mouseinput in Alfred. The problem i face pretty often, is that i accidentally touch my mouse and as Alfred is in the middle, it often selects a different query. Lately i used Bettertouchtool to change one of my mousebuttons to "Return". As with Alfred 3 i usually just have to type 1 letter and it knows what i want and i can use my mousebutton to press "Return" instead of having to move my right hand. Maybe its an easy implementation Cheers, Frozen
  5. One thing to consider here is, that the iOS api for third party keyboards is atm miserable...to say it nice. Android is way more advanced in that case. Multiple third party keyboard devs have issues and some even quit overall. Apple is way behind and doesn't fix the current bugs...the developer of nintype is talking about it a lot. Its pretty sad that apple added the support for third party keyboards, but doesn't provide a decent api. Maybe this changes now with iOS 10, but who knows. For now i personally wouldn't go into that direction and focus more on other things. Cheers, Frozen
  6. Would be helpful if you could share the workflow that is making the trouble, so that one can check what's going on. Or you yourself know already what is messing up inside. It could be anything but most likely a reference to Alfred 2 or so that is still in there when its old.
  7. Just a tip aside, if you're using Alfred 3 then you could also create as expandable snipped for "https://". That's what i would do tho, then it would fit any case where you need it
  8. Hello everyone, here is a small Alfred v3 workflow to toggle mute in Skype You can mute Skype via the keyword "smute", it will show you whether it's already muted or not(MUTE OFF/ON). Keyword: "smute" Example: Downloadlink: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yqqsxhxj9k5a49x/Skype%20Mute%20on%3Aoff.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  9. To let us see what is happening you can create a gif with this tool for instance: http://www.cockos.com/licecap/ Then upload it at http://imgur.com/ You can use the direct link and post it here by clicking the little image sign when posting → don't forget to remove the img stuff in brackets Other than that, does the problem appear immediately when you start Alfred and type anything in it? Could it be that you use the same hotkey for Alfred and spotlight? Take a look into the Console.app if you see any crashes relating to Alfred.
  10. Hello everyone, here is a Alfred v3 Theme that has been inspired by the Dracula theme To download: https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/b6VB3Or9FD/ Here is a Preview: Hope you like it
  11. Hello David, all your image links are a dead end, so i can't see what you mean. Best thing would be to use something like http://imgur.com/to upload your pictures. Other than that check the post i made before out and see if that resolves any issue that you have:
  12. Check this out: https://twitter.com/boastr_net/status/736845599128100864 Gotta have to play around with it, but this and Alfred 3 in combination....holy moly
  13. Its "Rebuild OS X Metadate"
  14. Andrew! The thread itself provided the fix! Like this: When i set the shortcut for Notes and set Menu Title to "Paste and Match Style", it fixes also Alfreds expand Might be helpful for others.
  15. I understand and that's not what i meant or wanted you to do ^^ A keycombo is nothing reliable. In the Forum they were talking about paste and match the style. Was thinking if that would be possible. Like remove all previous formattting etc.
  16. Damnit, i just checked out this thread: http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/84823/how-to-force-os-x-notes-application-to-lose-formatting-when-i-paste-text-from-cl When you paste with Opt+Shift+Cmd+V then it doesn't happen. This matches then the current style. Could Alfred do the same?
  17. The same behaviour happens with anything i copy paste as i see now. See here: Is that a Notes bug? Or a settings problem?
  18. Hello, while using OS X Notes app, autoexpand adds a newline to the expanded word. Only happens from the 2nd line on. Look here: This seems to happen only in Notes. OS X 10.11.5 Alfred v3.0.1 Build 657 Cheers, FroZen_X
  19. I could replicate a different and also the same behaviour. Under really high load it happens that clips that have been copied before get expanded instead of the word that had to be. For instance: I copy "this is a test" → type "doesnt" → expands to "this is a test" instead of "doesn't" This happens mostly in Chrome atm. Also the space adding infront instead of behind the word happens. Like " doesn't" instead of "doesn't ". The last update has still been a huge improvement! This happened under pretty heavy load and lag. It seems like that Alfreds clipboard or overall OS X clipboard interferes or as you update the clipboard, it doesn't perform the action as needed under heavier load and grabs the old value. I can make another clip needed, Andrew.
  20. Sure, here you go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f9h4ewrhsbyqsiv/Create%20New%20Blank%20Mail.alfredworkflow?dl=0 Other workflows can be found on http://packal.org You can change the hotkey or the keyword however you like. You can also delete either of them The applescript itself is this: tell application "Mail" activate make new outgoing message end tell Hope this helps
  21. Keep in mind that you can also create your own actions and run scripts etc. right away instead of doing multiple actions Click the "+" in workflows → Getting Started → File Actions
  22. You can just select the File/Folder you found and press Cmd+C and it will copy the path with file to your clipboard. To kinda sort your actions by usage, go to Alfred preferences → File search → Actions → and check Action Ordering. There you can also deselect some actions you don't need. Hope that helps
  23. It seems to be fine atm ill test some more and come back to you if i find a case. Good job!
  24. Just out of curiosity Andrew. As we talked about the Problem on twitter, that this doesn't work in applescript, do you think you can make it work at some point? Right now my workaround is to combine vars via delimiter like here: {var:filename}:{query} And then i split it via applescript like this: set x to "{query}" set text item delimiters to {":"} set {filename, destination} to text items 1 thru 2 of x
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