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    FroZen_X reacted to Vero in How to know the version of the Workflow you are using with Alfred?   
    In v3, we'll include a field for workflow creators to include a version number, which will then be prominently visible. We'll share details when ready, but this is something that was on our list to help users identify which version of a workflow they're using
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    FroZen_X got a reaction from deanishe in How to know the version of the Workflow you are using with Alfred?   
    In addition to that you can right click on the workflow and show it in finder. In the Packal folder is a file called "package.xml", where the Version number is saved.
    Its not a convenient way of checking but yeah
    Other than that you can just call "Packal Updater" and check what updates are available like deanishe said.
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    FroZen_X reacted to deanishe in Searchio! Auto-suggestion from search engines in different languages   
    Searchio! workflow for Alfred
    Auto-suggest search results from multiple search engines and languages.
    There are a few existing workflows that provide auto-suggest results from one or the other search engine, but this includes not only multiple search engines, but also allows you to specify multiple languages/regions for your results.

    Supports the following search engines/websites:
    Google Google Images Google Maps YouTube Wikipedia Wiktionary Amazon eBay DuckDuckGo Bing Yahoo! Ask.com Yandex.ru Naver.com Wikia.com  
    Download and installation
    Download the latest version from the GitHub releases page or Packal.
    There are several searches pre-configured. Only some have keywords (i.e. can be used as-is):
    g — Search Google in system (i.e. default) language m — Search Google Maps in system (i.e. default) language gi — Search Google Images in system (i.e. default) language w — Search Wikipedia in system (i.e. default) language wn — Search Wiktionary in system (i.e. default) language a — Search Amazon in system (i.e. default) language. If your system language is English, this will search Amazon.com. Use -l uk in the Script Filter to search Amazon.co.uk or -l ca to search Amazon.ca. yt — Search YouTube in system (i.e. default) language searchio [<query>] — Show settings and list of supported search engines. Currently, the only setting is a toggle to also show the <query> in the results list (default: No). searchiohelp — Open help file in your browser You can add a keyword to (and edit) one of the existing examples or add your own searches. For details on how to do that, see the GitHub page.
    Licensing, thanks
    The code in this workflow is released under the MIT Licence.
    The icons belong to the respective search engines.
    This workflow uses the Alfred-Workflow library and docopt (both MIT-licensed).
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    FroZen_X reacted to deanishe in Screenshot to folder / tagger   
    Yup. I messed up the incrementing of $i. I only ever tested it with 2 images (Screenshot.png and Screenshot 1.png), so I didn't notice that. Good work FroZen.
    The version thing isn't an error. That's why it says WARNING, not ERROR
    It's just the library complaining 'cos a couple of its features (updates and noticing when a workflow has been upgraded) depend on there being a version number.
    It doesn't matter in the slightest for this workflow because it doesn't store any data that may need migrating after an upgrade, and it doesn't have a GitHub repository it can update itself from.
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    FroZen_X got a reaction from deanishe in Screenshot to folder / tagger   
    I'm reproducing atm the Problem as this also occurs in deanishe's version. The bash has a fault in it.
    i=1 has to be $i=1 if im right and then the $i++ somehow has a syntax error which im checking on atm
    Edit: the i=1 is right lol silly me....you have to change the $i++ to i++
    there is the mistake. Its for numbering the different screenshots.
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    FroZen_X reacted to Andrew in Easy way to make suggestion list?   
    That's correct, and in real terms, you should see a performance increase as Alfred only runs the script once and then has the data in memory for filtering with subsequent keypresses.
    For simple static result lists, the new List Filter will be perfect. Requires no scripting and is easy to configure. For more complex static result lists which may need to be dynamically created based on upstream variables / configuration, using the updated v3 Script Filter and passing back JSON representing the results, then Alfred filters is the way to go. For full control over results and filtering, with the script being run as the user types, using the Script Filter as per v2 is best. Cheers,
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    FroZen_X got a reaction from deanishe in Easy way to make suggestion list?   
    Its already on packal i found it a while ago.
    Here you go: http://www.packal.org/theme/tomorrow-night-eighties
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    FroZen_X got a reaction from deanishe in Easy way to make suggestion list?   
    I added icons now  this is freaking awesome! Thanks again to deanishe

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    FroZen_X got a reaction from Bweggersen in Native support for searching open applications AND windows   
    That would be really cool to see in Alfred 3
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    FroZen_X reacted to dfay in RPN calculator   
    A simple RPN calculator that works like the built-in calculator.  Requires spaces as delimiters between elements in the expression.  Built using deanishe's Alfred python library.
    19 2.14 + 4.5 2 4.3 / - *
    produces an Alfred result:
    Action this item to copy this number to the clipboard
    There is a single keyword:
    Download link: 
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/9ay1z2mubifcun6/RPN Calculator.alfredworkflow?dl=0
    2018-07-10: updated with working link
    2020-07-26 updated with latest version of deanishe's Alfred python library.
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    FroZen_X reacted to Denkstream in OS X Retrofuture Theme   
    Enjoy my first published theme ever

    and dl link: http://cl.ly/0O0e2B2n2i0y
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    FroZen_X reacted to gabamnml in Unlock Screen   
    I did an update. Now supports:
    Sleep Mode & Screensaver
    You can download here
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