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  1. This workflow doesn't work in Alfred 3 because of hard-coded Alfred 2 paths in the q_workflow.script file. I've updated those for the new paths, but now I'm getting another script error: [2017-05-31 11:39:34][ERROR: action.script] 0:98: execution error: Alfred 3 got an error: "? " doesn’t understand the “«event alf2Sear»” message. (-1708)
  2. I'm getting the message, too. The message is the only body of the web page https://trello.com/1/authorize?response_type=token&key=&scope=read,write&expiration=never&name=Clipbox
  3. Should Alfred Remote work with the new Alfred 3?
  4. Thanks, Vero! I'm back in business!
  5. Yes, when I import your PDF workflow, it does open up in Alfred's workflow tab and allow me to import the workflow. However, upon restarting Alfred, the workflow is gone. And yes, I'm syncing to a folder on iCloud Drive. But when I try repointing to my desktop or any other folder, I get the error message: Unable to setup preferences path Reason: The file “Alfred.alfredpreferences” couldn’t be opened because there is no such file. So I seem to be unable to re-set the sync folder. I think your diagnosis here and in my other post are correct, though. I didn't see the relation at firs
  6. When attempting to add a new workflow from a template or import from a downloaded shared workflow, nothing appears in the Alfred workflow window. I used to have a couple of my own that also no longer appear. My workflows are empty, and I can't add any more no matter what I do.
  7. I can't figure out a way to get the "Enable Alfred Remote Server" checkbox to stay ticked after restarting my Mac. What am I missing?
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