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  1. I agree with rounak, the behavior should be consistent between search and navigation mode, I usually search for a folder first, then navigate in this folder, the unconsistent shortcuts makes me confusing.
  2. Yes, I know this. But this is not what I mean. The functionality I was talking about is this: when your current input method is English, but you want to search for some directories or files named in Chinese. In Spotlight you just need to type the Pinyin in English, and the results will show up. The key here is that you don't need to switch to Chinese input method first, then type the Pinyin, then choose the right candidate characters. So the pinyin search reduce 3 steps to 1 step, and it's more productive. As for the example I provided above, I type wode with English input method in
  3. Hi, Andrew, please look the comment by deanishe.
  4. Please support Chinese pinyin search. For example, when search for a directory or file named "我的文档", it's faster to just type Chinese pinyin "wodewendang" than "我的文档", I hope this will be supported. Spotlight can do this, but I want Alfred to replace it.
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