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  1. Thanks, RodgerWW. I thought I might have to do that, but that quoted tip certainly makes it sound like I shouldn't have to.
  2. According to the official documentation, it should be possible to assigned the same hotkey to multiple actions based on what app has focus: Top tip: You can use the same hotkey for multiple actions within a single workflow. For example, you can set a hotkey to perform action A only when your browsers are in focus, while performing a different task when Mail is in focus. This can only be done within a single workflow, not across multiple ones. However, I cannot find a way to make this work. Here is what I've tried: Creating multiple copies of the hotkey I create a hotkey object and add an app to the "related apps" tab. I link the hotkey to an action. Then I create another hotkey object. When I try to assign the same hotkey to the second hotkey object, it simply won't work. The "Hotkey" field remains blank as long as I'm pressing a key combination that is already in use. Assigning outputs from the hotkey based on app focus I thought maybe I could set multiple outputs from the hotkey object. I created a hotkey and added two apps to the "related apps" tab. I put two actions into the workflow and connected the output of the hotkey to both of them. The result is that when either of the two apps is in focus, BOTH actions are triggered. Here is my desired behavior: I have two applescripts that toggle between versions of a web page by modifying the URL. The script is slightly different for Chrome than for Safari, and I want to use the same hotkey to trigger whichever script applies to the current browser. In simpler terms, if I'm in Chrome the hotkey should launch Applescript-A, and if I'm in Safari the same hotkey should launch Applescript-B. Can Alfred do this? The quoted documentation certainly makes it sound possible.
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