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  1. Tried it on the network in my office and it connected first time, got home and recycled the BT HomeHub and tried again. It works yippee !! Guess a full recycle of all devices and the router helped with whatever the issue was.
  2. I used a BT Home Hub 3 (This is a very popular UK internet provider supplied router). No wireless isolation function No other devices, I have an iPhone 5 and alfred remote is doing the same on that as I reported earlier. Tried setting up a new account as per some other forum entries and the results are still the same. Frustrating as I love Alfred and use it all the time
  3. 1. Are both your Mac and iOS device on the same wifi network? (Include IP addresses of both devices) Macbook Pro (10.10.2) - IP: Submask: Router: Ipad Air 2: IP: Submask: Router: 2. What kind of network is it? (home, office, university, etc?) Home 3. Did you try restarting both your Mac and iOS device? Several full restarts of both Macbook and Ipad 4. When you go to the "Add iOS Remote" step on your Mac, can your iOS device see the Mac at all? No not at all, just has my rou
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