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    drking reacted to chsweb in Lost workflows on update to 2.0.3   
    I was hoping that would help someone, some day. That day is today.
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    drking reacted to Don Dahl in Smooth Dark Theme (Dark version of David's Smooth Theme)   
    I've been using the Smooth theme made by David Ferguson for some time and realized i needed just that theme with somewhat inverted colours.
    Credit goes to David.
    Looks like this:

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    drking reacted to zhaowu in Top Processes Based Memory or CPU Usage Workflow   
    Updated. Go the github site to download.
    I have updated to OSX 10.9. Anyone who is still using 10.8 please check if it is still working and let me know. Thanks.
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    drking reacted to bocaboy in Create reminder in Reminders.app from Alfred   
    Michelle, any way this workflow could check for updates? I've been using it for a long time, but with the release of the GM of Mavericks, it stopped working. It would be great if the workflow could check and see if you've updated it with new capabilities, etc., especially concurrent with an OS upgrade.
    Great workflow! Many thanks for you efforts. 
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    drking reacted to NullSynapse in Create reminder in Reminders.app from Alfred   
    This workflow is just what I was looking for.  Easy to use and nice example in the help text so I don't have to remember all of the options.
    Thanks for sharing
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    drking reacted to vetpan in OS X Graphite   
    The classic OS X Graphite look 

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    drking got a reaction from stjohnmccloskey in *Request* Send Text via Growl Voice   
    I also use Growlvoice.  A workflow would be great!
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    drking reacted to qbunt in Smoked Theme   
    Hey there!
    Thought I'd share my clean translucent theme 'Smoked', just posted on Github for download. Hope you enjoy! 

    To enable the blurred background, run this in the terminal:
    defaults write com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2 experimentalBlur -float 3.0 Download Smoked Here
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    drking reacted to Ramshank in Paint it Faded Black. - Alfred 2 Theme   
    Here's a faded grey/black Alfred 2 theme I made.  I believe the Blur is at 3.


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    drking reacted to ljenster in Supermassive white skin - Supermassive white/red skin   
    Hello there,
    I didn't really find any themes that i really liked, and since i use this app a lot i decided to create some themes.
    I made 2 themes that are really minimalistic since that is what i like the most. 

    I hope you enjoy these skins as much as i do.

    Supermassive white skin

    Supermassive white/red skin

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    drking reacted to mjv in Kindle Theme   
    A theme inspired in the Kindle colors...
    Download: http://d.pr/f/NgoW

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    drking reacted to Andrew in quickly delete text in search box   
    You can use cmd+backspace to clear the text field for new text
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    drking reacted to iEnno in Open URL in Chrome's current tab in Firefox   
    1. Go into the Workflows panel of Alfred's Settings.
    2. Select Firechrome-Workflow.
    3. Double click 'Run Script' action.
    4. Delete Code and insert
    tell application "Firefox" to activate tell application "System Events" keystroke "l" using {command down} -- Highlight the URL field. delay 0.5 keystroke "c" using {command down} -- Copy the URL field. delay 0.5 do shell script "Open -a 'Google Chrome' " & (the clipboard) end tell  
    It's not very fast, but the simplest solution I could find right now. Ok to you?
    (sorry for delayed answer, have to figure out how to receive an email when someone quotes me)
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    drking reacted to waffles_n in Add URL to Pocket app (Updated)   
    A workflow to grab the current page from Safari and add it to your Pocket reading list via the official Mac app (free on the MAS). Confirmation is output to your default notification method. Pocket will stay in the background and out of your way as long as it's already open when you run the workflow.
    Update: I've added a component to add the current URL on the clipboard to Pocket, and changed the default keyword for the original component (of course, you can easily change the keywords to suit your preference).
    ap = add current Safari page to Pocket
    ac = add URL on clipboard to Pocket




    Install from AlfredRepo or Download here: http://d.pr/f/7aYe
    This workflow uses some simple bash scripts and the Pocket app's URL scheme. I've barely started to dabble in scripting of any kind, so I would welcome any advice or criticism concerning these workflows 
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    drking reacted to freshfish in Lime (and Sublime)   
    Here's the theme I use. It's simple, clean and colourful. It's wide, too, because I like to see instant results from, say, Wolfram or Google Translate.
    Enough detail without being cluttered. If you want it more subtle, just make it grey and thinner. But then it wouldn't be lime, would it?
    I hope you enjoy!  
    A blue version as requested
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    drking reacted to trenchers1 in NEW: Dark Minimalism   
    || Dark Minimalism ||










    || Download HERE: http://tinyurl.com/nga8g3k ||
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    drking reacted to vitor in PinAdd — Takes arguments as tags, and adds your browser’s frontmost tab as a pinboard bookmark   
    There is now.
    Update to the latest version and set you browser as “depends” — that’ll use the browser that is you frontmost app, if any, at the time you call PinAdd to add a bookmark. Keep in mind that only the same browsers are supported, and that since from the way this works it’s not possible to interrupt Alfred in case your frontmost app is not a supported browser, you’ll still get the “Operation done” message, but no bookmark will be added.
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    drking reacted to edwardro in OmniFocus Task Actions [Updated to 3.1]   
    _mk_ THANK YOU!!!!
    As I mentioned, your workflow was the main reason I came to Alfred from the launchbar.
    Focus on Project and Focus on Folders are 2 important aspects of how I use omnifocus.
    I sincerely appreciate your adding these features.
    Again, thank you.
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    drking got a reaction from trenchers1 in NEW: Minimalist Efficiency v2   
    Love it!
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    drking got a reaction from trenchers1 in NEW: Spotlight Revamped   
    I love this theme!  The font is really awesome with it, too.
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    drking reacted to trenchers1 in NEW: Spotlight Revamped   
    Spotlight Revamped

    ** Click LIKE (please!) and DOWNLOAD below **

    Download HERE: http://tinyurl.com/nhsqfwj
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    drking reacted to Fasand in Alfred Forum recent posts   
    FYI: I have just (about a minute ago ) posted the updated version with the code locally.
    Please update the workflow with the link provided in the top post as I will probably take the remote code down in a week or so.
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    drking reacted to trenchers1 in NEW: Minimalist Efficiency v2   
    Minimalist Efficiency 2


    Download HERE: http://tinyurl.com/ns3prou
    ** I appreciate feedback! Let me know what you think **
    You can also check out: Minimalist Efficiency v1
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    drking reacted to Aralia Spinosa in An unremarkable assortment of themes   
    Shared out of boredom and willingness to contribute to Alfred's existence however coding-impaired nature has made me.
    Another Hundred People

    Another Hundred People (Light)

    Coming Up Roses

    For a Day of Sky

    La Seine

    Never Deep in Anything But Wine

    Summer's Joys

    The Apple's a Rose

    Into the Dungeons

    The Elder Tree

    (There is a slight chance that I may or may not have messed up the links. I never trust myself with links.)
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    drking reacted to _mk_ in OmniFocus Task Actions [Updated to 3.1]   
    Thanks to CrashPlan I was able to recover the essential parts of my profile very quickly. So I can release version 2.2 of the workflow with the new features that did not make it into 2.1.
    Version 2.2
    new task actionsadd/append note (thanks to uscmeche) change project change context hotkey support​SHIFT+CTRL+I - Show tasks in Inbox SHIFT+CTRL+D - Show tasks done today SHIFT+CTRL+P - Search for project SHIFT+CTRL+C - Search for context SHIFT+CTRL+V - Search for perspective Bugfixes  

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