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  1. I'd like to be able to trigger an Alfred workflow on my Mac from another machine that has only email access to the outside world. I'd like the subject line of the email to be available to the workflow as the query/input. I could create a rule in Mail.app to run an AppleScript upon receiving an email matching certain criteria, and have that AppleScript do the work I want. I'm just wondering if there is a clever way to have Alfred accomplish something similar. (I don't currently use Mail.app, and running it just to do this is overkill.) Thanks,
  2. deanishe - You pegged it. It worked from my Terminal window because I have LANG set. It didn't work from Alfred because it wasn't set in the shell Alfred opened. Setting the encoding to UTF-8 fixed it. Thanks!
  3. Totally broken on my machine. After activating Alfred, I type "ens" and a space, and it looks like it is going to do a search. So far, so good... But as soon as I type any character after the space, the Evernote search disappears and Alfred tells me it is going to do a Google search for ens. If I just type "ens" and hit enter, it runs an Evernote sync.
  4. Thank you. I have a theory about what causes the problem with the doubling of the quotes (based on nothing but intuition). They're represented as a UTF-8 multi-byte character sequence. My guess is that somebody, somewhere is upset that multiple bytes get paired up with a single byte. I'm *guessing* that when I run the command from a shell prompt, it is using a different character set that when it is run from Alfred. By using php, your version is picking up PHP's default character set. I wonder if there is a way to specify which character set should be used when a shell is run under Alfred? It figures that the first workflow I'd write would bump up against the margins... Thanks again.
  5. Thanks. I can't see how to attach a file to this forum, so I uploaded it to my dropbox at https://www.dropbox.com/s/lddxkodfq2ens6c/plain-text.alfredworkflow?dl=0 I just created it by using the "Keyword to Script to Notification" template, and set run script to: pbpaste | textutil -stdin -stdout -convert txt | tr “” \" |tr ’ \' | pbcopyI set no escapes, since the script has no input (no {query} parameter)
  6. I wrote a workflow to translate clipboard smart-quotes into ordinary ones. It works just fine when run from a shell prompt: pbpaste | textutil -stdin -stdout -convert txt | tr “” \" |tr ’ \' | pbcopy But when I put this into a workflow, my quote marks get doubled and tripled. For example, if I put this in my clipboard: “You’re smart!”and i run the command line listed at the top of this posting, I get: "You're smart!"but if I run the exact same command in an Alfred "run script" workflow, I get: """You""'re smart!"""How do I make Alfred stop messing with the output of my shell script?
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