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  1. I figured out that restarting Alfred temporarily fixes the issue. Also, when I quit Alfred, I notice that a bunch of empty stdin files pop up in Sublime Text
  2. Oops, didn't realize there was a better place to post this (Bug Reports). Not sure how to change that now though.
  3. So I have a workflow set up with a script filter triggering a "run script" action. The (/bin/bash) script action is set to escape backquotes / dollar signs, run instances sequentially and contains this: echo entered alfred.workflow.action.script >&2 ./process_command.sh {query} When the script action gets executed, the Debug pane (set to log all information) shows this: [iNFO: alfred.workflow.input.scriptfilter] Processing output 'alfred.workflow.action.script' with arg 'restore sa ' At first, I thought I just screwed something up, so i set up a hotkey trigger to go directly i
  4. So I tried using the direct to ip connection with port forwarding via my router. Works perfectly now. Thanks!
  5. I just have an all-in-one router/modem. I've been playing with it some more and it seems like the first time I connect it takes 5-10 seconds and then if I lock my phone and unlock it again within a certain amount of time (I don't know exactly how long), it connects almost immediately but if I wait a while before opening the remote again it takes 5-10 seconds again. I'm not sure why this would be happening. I'll try connecting straight to the IP address later on today to see if that makes a difference and post the result here. Do you have any thoughts on the other annoyance (being able
  6. Perhaps an option to allow the remote to stay connected when the display is sleeping then to address the first issue that I mentioned.
  7. I just recently bought Alfred and the remote to go with it. First, I should say that I love the remote. It is a great idea but I've noticed two annoyances with it. First, there is a major limitation in that it can only be used if you're on the same WiFi network as your computer. It would be more useful to be able to run workflows, etc. from anywhere (e.g. using my cellular data connection to issue a command when I'm not home). Second, when I'm at home using it to control music or a movie or something, it's pretty annoying to have to wait 5-10 seconds for the remote to connect before I'm able t
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