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  1. Hi, I have read a lot of similar threads, but I have not been able to find a solution. So as the title says, Alfred is not in automation settings and I guess that is the reason I can not use the "Lock" system commands, since everything else is set according to the requirements. Alfred is in the "Accessibility" section and is checked. Alfred 4.5.1 [1256] MacOS 11.5.2
  2. Yes, exactly! Right now the Language in Alfred Settings -> Features -> Dictionary is set to Russian, so: Which is what I want. But without changing the Dictionary Language to anything else: So if I want the 'spell hous' to autosuggest 'house' I have to change the Dictionary setting to English. But then the Russian autosuggest stops working.
  3. It looks like your code was not integrated into the original workflow and you are quite ahead in terms of commits. Would you mind creating a separate thread in the forums so you have your own dedicated place for questions and all?
  4. Yes, I have successfully set the keyboard shortcut but I was wondering if I could also change the keyword from `spot_mini` to something different.
  5. Hi! Is there a way to have spell keyword work with more than one language? Right now if I set Language in Dictionary section of Alfred settings to default or English then I can misspell the word in English and it will suggest the closest match with proper spelling. If I change the keyboard input to Russian and misspell the word, then it'll tell me "Not Found'. If I set Language in Dictionary section of Alfred settings to Russian, then it will find the closest match to misspelled word in Russian, but will tell me 'Not Found' if I misspell the word in English. So can I have Alfred suggest correct spelling both in English and Russian?
  6. Hi! Is there a way to change the keyword to invoke the workflow? I even have not been able to find out which trigger object starts the workflow))
  7. That's ok. I guess it's time to finally upgrade to v.4. Speaking about the workflow, is it possible to search for a specific process so that I can act upon it? Quite often frozen process is not in the "top" list but I would like to kill it. Never mind, if I enter the process name, it filters the list by that name. That's exactly what I was looking for!
  8. It would not run on Alfred 3. Is Alfred 4 is so much different that workflows are incompatible?
  9. I have exactly the same problem with: error message in the debug panel with WU service. With DS service everything works just fine
  10. I'd like to bump this thread. I have created a custom workflow but it still would not search for hidden files. Is there anything I can do to be able to search for hidden files in a specific folder?
  11. I too have a problem with proper alignment.
  12. Also, if you combine this with BetterTouchTool you can set a quick double tap of a key to launch the search.
  13. I wonder if it is possible for Alfred to somehow integrate with Atlas Recall? https://www.atlas.co/ It would be really cool if I could search my history in Atlas Recall through Alfred. I think it should be possible since it integrates with spotlight.
  14. Great question. I sent a mail to Bartender support, see if they can implement it.
  15. It's somewhat offtopic to this forum, but i'm also totally puzzled by almost complete ignorance of the Roboform in the apple community. As a password manager it is a very solid solution, and there are areas where it is better than 1password. Myself i've been using 1password once i switched to mac and i can see that 1password is lot more "mac-y" but still i can't understand why roboform is not mentioned at least half as much as 1password.
  16. Was this workflow removed? For the life of my i can't find the download link in the OP.
  17. OK, i've got it figured out. I used Karabiner event viewer and indeed it showed that when i pressed CTRL+CMD+F , somehow a return key was triggered. So i scanned the script code more closely and indeed it does simulate return key press. And iTunes mini player was setup to CTRL+CMD+Return. So once i triggered the script while it ran it triggered a return key and it registered while i was still holding CTRL+CMD so hence it activated Alfred's iTunes mini player. So if anybody is having problems with shortcuts behaving strangely, Karabiner's Event Viewer might be a good place to start the investigation.
  18. I've created a macro in Keyboard Maestro to create nested folders in Finder with the following code (Just in case there is something in the code, although i could not see anything) I set it to trigger on CTRL+CMD+F. Now when i trigger this shortcut, a folder gets created as expected but then a focus gets stolen and Alfred iTunes mini player pops out. I searched through every setting in Alfred and i could not find where i have CTRL+CMD+F assigned. But if i disable Alfred then everything works as expected. Is there any way i can troubleshoot this issue?
  19. This is awesome! Thank you. Could it be possible to act on specific dates - like open selected date in the calendar or fantastical apps?
  20. Hi! Thank you for this workflow! I have a couple of questions: 1. When i install this workflow, do i need to install youtube-dl and Python separately in addition to the workflow? 2. And when i use the workflow, when i navigate to youtube page with the video i want to download to i have to manually copy and paste the URL or the workflow should pick it up automatically?
  21. I have somewhat related question. In the light of above mentioned and this: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/4650-removing-mailapp-when-typing-mail/?hl=%2Bremove+%2Bresults i assume there is no "remove" button to remove irrelevant results from a workflow results display? So irrelevant results might still stay in the workflow output but they will be at the bottom, i.e low priority results?
  22. There is something wrong with the workflow: 1. When i type "rec dow" it would auto expand to "rec Downloads >" as normal but would not display anything. Also, when i try to delete (backspace) the word "Downloads" it would delete character by character unlike other keywords, where it would delete the whole second keyword (like "Now >" or "Applications >") 2. Also another strange thing is if i want to type "rec folders" then as soon as i type "rec folde" then the whole line gets deleted automatically and then symbols "rc" gets input automatically. 3. When i try to run the workflow, osascript process immediately goes to 90% and stays there for a couple of minutes. I really like the workflow so can these problems be eliminated (if they are indeed workflow related)?
  23. As far as i know, iMessage first would try to send your text as iMessage anyhow and only if the number is not registered with Apple or if it is but would not "ping" then it sends the text as regular sms.
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