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  1. Yeah. I'd simply like to call an API, get the data, and show them in the results. I used the Node.js workflow template previously, but I was stoked to see JS support in Alfred – but not very useful for me without the ability to call APIs.
  2. Do you know if there'll be support for AJAX (XHR) requests at some point?
  3. I used the second demo in @Shawn Rice's post, and it works great! And cool thing, @Tungdang! Great work
  4. Great! Any ideas on how to make a 'menu system', such as the Spotify Mini Player has? I've tried a few different techniques, but nothing that has ended up working...
  5. Thanks for making this! Since I mostly make Workflows for my own sake, I don't find it much of an hassle that Node doesn't come pre-installed on Macs. I guess if I am to publish my Workflows, it's not worse than having an installation of Node.js as a requirement to use the Workflow.
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