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  1. Alfred V2 Theme "Dark Mode(RED)mini" a smaller version enjoy Download
  2. Alfred V2 Theme "Dark Mode(RED)" enjoy Download
  3. Malik Trey


    Darkflow Theme enjoy Download
  4. Malik Trey


    another nice Theme for Alfred called "Crimson" hope u like DOWNLOAD
  5. Hi there...I'm a graphic designer and music composer i spend some times to come down from my works in design like GUI`s i was a member of an great deskmodding group "Hollywood GUI" we make great works for windows and mac based Skins Themes and GUIs the group is never exist right now (we are not longer students) ... only some members make isolated in their leisure small projects. here a fast edited alfredv2 theme inspirated by a gread GUI "Nickel Cobalt" ***sometimes u need only the right colors to have the right look*** :-) hope you like DOWNLOAD www.malik-trey.com https://soundcloud.com/malik-trey-1 https://myspace.com/maliktrey http://lex-boon.deviantart.com/ http://malik-trey.deviantart.com/
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