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  1. After tinkering around with this a bit, not sure if this one is going to be possible since Sony uses kind of an middle man page, when you try to use curl or something to request that page and parse it, it returns the data for that middle page, not the result page.


    Ah, fair enough. Thank you for taking the time to have a look!

  2. Just wondering if anyone knows how to make a Suggest workflow (like the Google Suggest or Amazon Suggest) whereby I could type "psn {query}" and have it do a search on the PlayStation Network website?


    I've already created a rudimentary workflow that will load up the search page with the desired search parameter, but I had hoped for something that would skip that step and take me straight to the game I'm searching for.


    Any and all help is very much appreciated.  :)

  3. Having tried many themes, i keep coming back to this one. Really it's simplicity and readability.

    Thanks for sharing.


    That's very kind of you, thank you. :)

  4. This looks fantastic, but to me appears a little small - is there any way to adjust to appear just a bit larger?


    I personally don't like Alfred to be intrusive, so I make my themes very small. But yeah, what Ddyracer said.  ;)

  5. This is exactly what I was looking for! But your link actually links to "TV Episodes Wikipedia List"... any chance you can link the chrome bookmark folder search workflow? Thanks! 


    I just tested it by bookmarking this page in Chrome, and using the workflow to pull up the bookmark. It should work on anything in Chrome, you just need to change the descriptors for your own purposes. Besides, this was never intended to take away from David's original workflow. Just a customization that fit my own purposes.

  6. It's a bit beyond my skills, I don't know ruby. So I've included the terminal-share app directly in the workflow(I've included the copyright and license in the workflow readme, I hope this would be fine).

    Can you try Version 1.3 in first post, or update via AlleyOop, and let me know if this is working.





    Can you try Version 1.3, that should fix the twitter issue.




    Success  B) It's fantastic. Well done!

  7. I've just noticed an issue if I try to send a tweet without a file attached, when I hit the tweet button, I get an error saying my twitter password is not valid.


    Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?


    I actually just tried to tweet using it, and had the same issue. Came here to mention it and saw your post.




    Facebook works fine. Haven't tried iMessage, Mail, or AirDrop yet.

  8. So you like minimalism. Ok, but for a transparent theme I dunno, you can barely see it and knowing where the window ends kinda helps clicking the hit target when your moving the alfred window. That's my defense lol.


    That's fair. Difference is, I never move the Alfred window.  ;)

  9. Your welcome! I never use those shortcuts myself so i didn't put them in. Btw, lots of themers here like borderless windows why is that? I like the border and think it looks too bare and it's hard to see where the window ends without it but that's just me.


    I like getting rid of it as it seems superfluous. I like that it's exactly what needs to be there, but nothing more. See my OS X Menu Bar theme as a prime example.



  10. I loved it! (I eliminated the border completly and it looks waaaay better!


    I did too. And narrowed the window, shrunk the text, and made the shortcuts visible again. And set the blur hack to maximum.


    Looks great! Thanks, Ddyracer.



  11. If you still have the Alfred.alfredpreferences, 99% of your settings are in there, so you haven't lost anything.


    1. Make sure your Powerpack is still active in Alfred's Powerpack tab

    2. Copy Alfred.alfredpreferences to where you would like it

    3. Set the sync folder to the folder containing the Alfred.alfredpreferences file


    Alfred will restart and everything will be where you left off.





    THANK YOU!! I never realized just how crucial Alfred has become to me using my Mac.


    You're awesome, Andrew!  :D

  12. It no longer allows me to sync to Dropbox, and all my workflows and themes are gone. WTF. The hotkey to call Alfred is the same, but that's it.


    I have backups, but I don't know how to piece it all back together. I tried just copying the Alfred.alfredpreferences file from my Time Machine from two days ago, but that didn't do the trick.


    Help?  :(


    Edit: Currently using v2.0.2 (178) on OS X 10.8.3.

  13. I've got a couple things I'm trying to accomplish, and Applescript is the only way I've found out how to do it. Unfortunately, it apparently doesn't translate into the languages Alfred uses, so I need an interpreter.  :unsure:


    This is what I want it to do with a hotkey:


    on run {input, parameters}


        tell application "System Events"

            keystroke "SAMPLE_TEXT"

            keystroke tab

            keystroke "SAMPLE_TEXT"

            keystroke return

        end tell   

        return input

    end run


    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

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