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  1. Actually, I was looking to make it so I could browse a specific folder of bookmarks, but no others. I've adapted David's workflow for my own purposes (imported that folder of bookmarks into Chrome, and load in Safari with the modified keyword), and it does precisely what I wanted. It's here, if you're interested.
  2. *facepalm* Of course. Clearly I need more coffee this morning. Thank you.
  3. The force empty trash, I can help with. Not even sure where I got it from since I'm crap with code. Download workflow here.
  4. Thanks, David. This will be awesome, but I can't figure out how to add any favorites to get started. Edit: Got it.
  5. Thanks to code from the very helpful David Ferguson, this workflow displays current DNS addresses in Notification Center. Probably not all that useful to most people, but I use Unblock-US.com to view region-specific web content, so this makes it easy for me to check that these settings haven't reverted. Download available here.
  6. So this is what I get out of Terminal, when I enter the "cat /etc/resolv.conf" command. What I have no idea how to do is to get Alfred to pull the "" and "" out and post them into Notification Center or back into Alfred.
  7. Wondering if it's possible to build a workflow to display the current DNS settings, either as feedback into Alfred or a Notification Center output. I'm not looking to change the DNS (I can do that manually, if I have to). But I use Unblock-US.com to view region-specific content, and I want to be able to quickly check that the DNS settings haven't reverted back. Thoughts?
  8. I'm guessing "English" isn't an acceptable language of choice...? And how would I know that the action has taken effect? Can I get it to provide feedback into Notification Center? I'm looking to run a "caffeinate" command, and a "killall caffeinate" command, each with confirmation feedback. Commands were found here.
  9. Any idea if it's possible to run a Terminal command in the background without needing to open Terminal.app? I'm building a workflow, and it would almost defeat the purpose if Terminal.app has to open.
  10. Ah, ok. Found some documentation on it, and I don't like that it can be switched off so easily (Control + C). If this hotkey could be disabled, I'd be happy to build a new workflow around this and abandon Caffeine and Should I Sleep all together.
  11. Ummm... huh? Please elaborate.
  12. While Alfred does not condone pirating, I do tend to acquire videos that I convert and write metadata for to watch on my Apple TV. This workflow streamlines the search for appropriate artwork from GetVideoArtwork.com and displays the search results in the default browser. Download it here. Many thanks to ctwise for his assistance in finding the right HTML link to make this possible.
  13. It's perfect. Thanks so much, ctwise! Edit: I've posted the workflow here.
  14. Oh well. Thought it was worth a shot. Thanks, David!
  15. I'm looking to make a workflow where I can type "artwork {search parameter}" and it will load a tab in Safari with search results from http://getvideoartwork.com/index.php?action=gallery. But since the URL doesn't include the search parameter, I have absolutely no idea how to do this. Help, please?
  16. Looks great, as usual, David. Just wondering if there's a way to set it to search Amazon.ca instead?
  17. Using a few tweaks of my own to streamline to my own liking, I'm using this workflow. Credit goes to the work done by Boarder24 and Jeff Johns' file in Github. Thanks, guys!
  18. Any chance of adding the option to send the URL to Tweetbot, or into Facebook?
  19. Ok, I started with a clean install. Deleted the Alfred 2 app, and the data in ~/Library/Application Support. Installed a new download from the media.alfredapp.com/v2beta/ website. Set Alfred to sync to ~/Dropbox/Apps/Alfred 2, then began setting preferences. Once I had it the way I wanted, I quit Alfred and started it again. My preferences were reset. Please let me know when a build of Alfred makes this run better. It's the only problem I've ever had with Alfred, and I'm done fighting with him today.
  20. Nope. I've not been using any sym-linking. Don't even know what that means, I've just been manually changing the settings on each machine to match as the updates come. I paused sync on Dropbox on my MacBook and turned the sync back on. I shut down Alfred and replaced the preferences file in Dropbox with the original from ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/ so my preferences would be the same, but they weren't. Themes were gone again, too. So again, I go through and set them back up again. I close the prefs window, call up Alfred, and my preferences have reverted again, and my theme is gone again. All while Dropbox is paused, so I know it's not creating any problem. Help?
  21. I've been keeping Alfred 2 in sync between my MacBook Pro and Mac mini manually since the v2 beta came out, and was thrilled to see syncing finally come in. However, after fumbling with it for an hour back and forth, I had to delete the syncing folder in Dropbox to make it stop. Alterations made to the default settings in preferences on one machine (let's say starting with the Mac mini, though this went back and forth several times) would invalidate those alterations on the other machine (let's say the MacBook Pro), essentially resetting it to default preferences, including the deletion of all added themes. Attempts to correct the issue on the MacBook Pro would reset the Mac mini to default prefereces, deleting the added themes again. Very frustrating. I've since set them both to where they were before manually, and neither of them are syncing with Dropbox. Love the app, and love the work you guys are doing, though.
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