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    Pygmy Theme

    Ok, I changed the uploaded file to a .zip file. That should do it.
  2. Understand, I know almost nothing about how the complicated stuff works. I get that it's guaranteed to be more complicated than I think, but I figured it was worth checking.
  3. As a nursing student, this could be absolutely incredible with one alteration... the ability to choose search results within Alfred, similar to what's seen in simonbs's search IMDB workflow, so that it takes you directly to the PubMed Health article you desire. Is this a possibility? ...please please please...
  4. GamerChase

    Pygmy Theme

    Based on mcskrzypczak's Tiny theme and Tyler Eich's Native theme, I present my theme named for tiny natives, Pygmy. Download it here. Thanks for the ideas, guys!
  5. GamerChase

    Tiny theme

    That fixed it. Very nice, thanks!
  6. Trying to replicate Simzdk's error, I had the same issue.
  7. GamerChase

    Tiny theme

    Am I the only one not getting a theme file when clicking on the link? Just getting a link to a page of code...
  8. Ah, ok. Tried it, and I don't care for it. I think the theme works well enough on its own, since the dark background negates the browser in behind enough (in my opinion). Kudos to Tyler Eich for creating a theme cool enough for the app developer to use!
  9. Blurred background filter hack? In English, please?
  10. Sorry, but I have no idea what any of that means...
  11. Is there any way of making it so that I can paste a magnet link into Alfred on my MacBook and have the torrent start downloading on my Mac mini?
  12. This theme is fantastic! It really is the only theme I've ever seen that I prefer to use over the default Light theme.
  13. I don't quite understand what this is supposed to do. Could you explain, please?
  14. Nice! I had one that just fed a link into a URL that loaded the website, but this is way better. Thanks!
  15. You could just upload them to Dropbox and share them from there.
  16. Dude, nice! Thanks! I just edited the text that comes up in the notification. The only thing missing from this, in an ideal world, is a way to make the image on the left of the notification the same as what comes up in the Alfred window when using it.
  17. Maybe it self-destructed because of Rebecca Black? Just kidding. Seriously though, props, if it works. Haven't tried it yet.
  18. I've created a basic workflow to create a bit.ly link, which is then copied to the clipboard. I wanted to have some way to have a Notification Center popup to indicate the link was created successfully, but I haven't figured that part out yet. You need to have an account with Bitly, and edit the Run Script section to copy your username and API key into place, where it says USERNAME_HERE and APIKEY_HERE. You can get your API key here, when logged into Bitly. Download the workflow here.
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