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  1. Interesting, I have never installed it via Brew, could you possibly (just for testing) try with a straight binary download of Chrome? I am using the same version and it seems OK here. Oh also, what version of OSX are you running? Cheers, Stuart
  2. It is all working here for me, could you please try opening the debugger in the workflow (little bug icon) testing your browser tab search and posting the output? Many thanks Stuart
  3. Howdy all, v1.4.7 is now released with the following changes. Changed mechanism for copying to clipboard. Now marks passwords as transient, Alfred will no longer store them in the clipboard history. Updated icon submitted by Tom Conroy has been merged in (thanks for this Tom!) Cheers, Stuart
  4. Hi Liam, Not a dumb question at all, after you have run "lpsetemail your@email.here", you should just be able to run "lplogin <return>" then an applescript will run and pop up a login box which will ask you for your password. When you press enter, after you wait for 1-2 seconds is the login box popping up? It should look like: Cheers, Stuart
  5. Also Liam and Luca, please try this new version and let me know how you go, it should resolve the issue, but if not please log a ticket over at https://github.com/stuartcryan/lastpass-alfred-workflow/issues Cheers, Stuart
  6. Hi Everyone, With my sincere apologies for the delay, the new version of the workflow is available and out of beta. My masters course at uni this semester has taken up my life for the last three months, hence the delay and not being able to move the fix from beta to the official branch. Here are this versions changes: Version 1.4.6 Updated to work with Alfred 3 (long awaited official release of the long-in-testing beta version). Username display functionality submitted by Guillermo Moreno has been merged in with some minor changes (thanks for your hard work Guillermo!) Released with my apologies for the delay in getting this version out of beta... my masters course was INTENSE this semester, thank you to all of those that waited patiently. Cheers, Stuart
  7. Howdy, Please give this beta version a try https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9093155/LastPass%20CLI_1.4.6_beta1.alfredworkflow
  8. Howdy please give this beta version a try: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9093155/LastPass%20CLI_1.4.6_beta1.alfredworkflow
  9. *JAWDROPS* mwahaha those are some solid feature requests! Not to worry, I will *see* what I can do but some of them may need some more community involvement/dev help. Cheers, Stuart
  10. No worries It is good now that things are becoming more stable after being tested in so many different environments. Hope to start looking at new features soon. Cheers, Stuart
  11. Ladies and gentlemen, v1.4.5 has now been released. With this version comes the following: Fixed detection for when login has timed out, now correctly requests login. Fixed rare cases of login-script loops. Improved speed of copying usernames. Updated documentation. As always you can download from Packal, download the latest .alfredworkflow file directly or visit the official github repository (where you can log any issues, feedback or suggestions also). Cheers, Stuart
  12. OOOH that could just work. I have not used External Triggers before! Hmm OK so all I need to do is figure out how to test for a timed out login... this may need another feature request to the lastpass CLI team. I will have a squiz at your flows (and not at all, mention them away as it is great to give the experience rom what you have already developed). You have given me much to think about (and hopefully program a fix!). Thank you Vitor, as always, you are a gentleman and a scholar! Cheers, Stuart
  13. Howdy all, At work we use Secret Server from Thycotic https://thycotic.com/products/secret-server/. I have a workflow that I wrote which integrates and lets you search for passwords within Secret Server, however I have never formalised it and made the code worthy of release. It works for me perfectly, however wanted to throw it out there to see if anyone else would be eager to get their hands on a production worthy codebase if I was to spend the time developing it? Cheers, Stuart
  14. Howdy Andrew, Wondering if there is any possibility of this in a future version. I would love the ability to have a workflow run in alfred (lets say with Perl) and kick off a background process (logging in to LastPass) once the user has authenticated then the workflow picks up where it left off. At the moment, as soon as I kick off a command in perl which takes away focus, the current state is lost. I am not sure how many use cases there are for this but it would be extremely useful for my LastPass workflow. How I anticipate I would use it: someone runs 'lp' but it turns out that they arent logged in therefore the login process is kicked off, the command line that is run spawns an applescript login box Once the login box is completed, focus returns to the Alfred window (or alternatively, it reloads where it left off The user can then continue where they left off. I know it is a long shot, but hey, I have to include ideas where I run into them . Thank you my good man, looking forward to v3. Cheers, Stuart
  15. Howdy everyone, Just to clarify for you (as a few people have asked, and I myself had a bit of confusion surrounding this). The iTerm 3 beta version is the same version we have had for quite some time, which is also known as 2.9. Therefore the v2.9 branch of the script will work just fine with the v3 (aka 2.9) beta and v3 when it is released (any major changes to iTerm's applescript not withstanding). As always if you have any issues please log a request over at Github. I am hoping to get some time to work on these scripts soon. Cheers, Stuart
  16. Now THAT seems like a completely fair use case (first time someone has presented it well enough that it made sense to do)! That I can definitely and happily do (and makes perfect sense). That should be relatively easy to do in the next release Look forward to seeing your other suggestions too. Cheers, Stuart
  17. Of course please fire away. Best place is on https://github.com/stuartcryan/lastpass-alfred-workflow/issueswhere there are already a couple. One big one that is often requested is to have the website launch and auto login, however that would require essentially writing a plugin for each browser to take the input and translate it into a login (and this is already achievable with one of my other workflows for loading up tabs and then just using Lastpass natively auto logging in in the browser). Definitely looking forward to your ideas (and anything that could take us from near flawless to flawless)
  18. All righty, with a huge thanks to Ariel, we have a new version: Version 1.4.4 Merged in code submitted by Ariel Barreiro to better support two factor authentication (2FA).So those of you that have been having issues, should be able to log in without any issues now. As always please let me know if you have any issues. Cheers, Stuart
  19. Howdy Apologies, I should have specified, you will need to load up the web interface, click on account settings, go to trusted devices and remove the trusted device (which should be your computer name) it will then re-prompt for 2FA. Cheers, Stuart
  20. No worries, I have some new code provided by Hanoii, can you please load up this beta version see if this fixes it for you? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9093155/LastPass%20CLI_1.4.4_beta.alfredworkflow Cheers, Stuart
  21. There is a known issue at the moment, a code change has been submitted but it has been a very busy month. I hope to review it in the next few days. In the mean time. In the first popup, enter your password, the second time it pops up, enter your 2FA code and it will get you in. Cheers, Stuart
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