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  1. Sorry, just saw this! Updated and posted to Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/stands4-workflow
  2. This tool is used to take advantage of the Stands4 API (http://www.abbreviations.com/). The API offered through this website is very useful and provides the following services: Abbreviations Conversions ZIP Codes Synonyms Definitions Phrases Rhymes Quotes I built a simple workflow around these services in order to effectively take advantage. Before you use this workflow, you must sign up for a free API key through their website (took about 24 hours to turnaround) and you will be allocated 1000 queries/day. I believe they offer a paid license as well if you plan to use this more
  3. I was able to download this through your confluence site. Really cool workflow! One possible enhancement - opening the URL associated to the site and copying password to clipboard upon clicking 'enter'. Just my $.02
  4. Your link seems broken. Receiving the following error: Referral DeniedYou don't have permission to access "http://akamai.technicalnotebook.com/wiki/download/attachments/23363615/lastpass-cli-alfred-workflow.alfredworkflow" on this server. Reference #24.d7063e17.1425356061.8b54fc2
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