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  1. You rock! Thanks for responding so quickly. And for creating this app that has completely changed my life!
  2. So I had a simple hotkey that would bring me to Alfred's preferences to quickly manipulate/add workflows. That script is as follows: For whatever reason, after updating to 2.7.1 this morning, this script doesn't work. Anyone facing similar issues/know a fix?
  3. Anyway to define a word in Alfred and copy the (preferably rich text) definition to your clipboard?
  4. So I have a Workflow on an iOS app (Drafts 4) that will define a word for me in Terminology iOS app then automatically add that to an Evernote notebook named "Lexicon". I am trying to do this on OS X with Alfred but cannot figure out a way to do so. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. This is just for a password manager (Dashlane) Safari extension that I have sitting in my toolbar. Since upgrading to power pack a few months ago, I am obsessed with not using the trackpad. However, Dashlane is making that difficult so I keep trying to figure out work arounds to the lack of 3rd party accessibility for this app. I would leave Dashlane behind in an instant for 1P, but they gave me a free lifetime membership, so I can't really justify that. Instead, I just spend countless hours trying to make this app work for me! So I would just like to activate this extension that does not currently have a keyboard shortcut. I attempted to create an automator service that "Watched Me Do" the click sequence for activating the extension, but that didn't seem to work.
  6. Just trying to set a keyboard shortcut for some installed plugins I have...anyway to do this?
  7. I have searched everywhere for a Dashlane password manager workflow and cannot find one. Does anybody know if this is in the works/is possible to make? They are not great with 3rd party integration in iOS either, so I am not sure if they offer the possibility to integrate with Alfred. Thoughts?
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