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  1. I hit the 'c' key and Alfred immediately crashes. This is the same key I would press to get to the clipboard. Now it is happening with other things. I reindexed everything and deleted the spotlight folder, however it is only a bandaid for this issue.


    I rely heavily on Alfred's clipboard features. Until I have a chance to buy another app, I need this.

  2. 6 hours ago, Andrew said:

    @sydmalicious78 strange! Could you try deleting the clipboard database in the following location:


    ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Databases/clipboard.alfdb


    It could be that the latest macOS update has corrupted the database.




    Nope. That doesn't work either. Is there a way to send you some diagnostics data?

  3. I am a new developer and am wondering if I could get a workflow for IntelliJ? I am a Computer Science major so I expect to be able to make my own soon but I am kinda in a bind with skills right now-- I'm just starting out. I will need IntelliJ next semester which is in two months. Want to get a nice workflow in order to speed up coding.


    Thanks in advance.

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