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  1. I am an Alfred utter novice. I've used it for several years primarily to call apps with shortcuts. I was delighted shortly after I started using it to find the Edit With workflow replacement for QuickCursor which I've used to call the MacVim (Vim) editor from within documents open in other apps. I have not used Edit With for a while. When I tried it this morning it did not work. I have no idea what to do in this situation, how to go about getting Edit With working again. Searching for Edit With on the Alfred website and in the forums produced nothing. Searching on the web I found that there is a June 2016 version. When I attempted to download it Dropbox said it no longer existed there. Apologies for being so helpless, but in need of help I am, and help would be appreciated.
  2. Answered my own question, Carlos. Set cmd-e and cmd-p as my hotkeys. With that the workflow works perfectly for me--except that after pasting back the cursor's at the bottom of the file instead of the end of the selection that was pasted back. Thanks for this workflow. I love vim and loved the fact that quickcursor let me use it in other apps. Now I can do that again. Sincerely, Eric
  3. Thanks, Carlos You might be right that the workflow needs updating, but my assumption was that it's fine, that it's my lack of experience with workflows in general, and my lack of clarity about use of the editwith workflow that's the problem. In that connection, will hotkeys enable me to open an editor and pasteback to the original application without calling Alfred? And I can use any unique key combination, e.g., cmd-ew and cmd-pb or even cmd-e and cmd-p? Thanks, Eric
  4. I am coming late to the edit with workflow. I used QuickCursor with MacVim up to the point it became unusable. I've been using Alfred for some time now, but only as an application launcher, and have absolutely no experience with workflows. I've read all the posts here about the workflow, but am still unclear how to use it. If I call Alfred and type out "editwith" I get MacVim. If I type "ew" I get a list of possible web searches for "ew". If I type "e" I get "selected last used text editor" and then MacVim. I would like to be able to type "ew" and have MacVim selected immediately. When I go to type "pasteback" the paste back command appears at the top of the list as soon as I've typed "pas". I would like to have the command appear at the top of the list when I type "pb". When the text is pasted back to the original application the cursor is moved to the bottom of the file after the pasteback. I thought this had been changed to keep the cursor at the end of the selection pasted back. Perhaps I am mistaken. Or is an option that can be toggled somehow? Help appreciated. Please forgive my tardiness and my naiveté.
  5. Hi Carlos. I was attracted to Alfred by your Edit With workflow. I am an old QuickCursor user, greatly miss it, and was delighted to discover your Alfred workflow alternative. I discovered a thread on the forums in which one writer describes using "ew" and "pbew" as alternatives to your "edit with" and "fastback" key words. If I type "ew" I am offered Google, Amazon, and Wikipedia searches for "ew". Is it possible to change the default key word...

    1. Carlos-Sz


      It seems the workflow is not working for you.

      Can you please tell me your OS X version?

      In addition, please use the workflow forum post because it is easier for me to follow.

      Thank you.

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