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  1. I checked a bunch of similar questions but so far have not find an answer to that. Usecase: I want to build an e-mail that has differents variable parts in it that get used elsewhere too. I my idea was to make it modular: define the modules as workflows (as they have interactive variables in them) and chain them together in one bigger mail workflow that calls the modules and put all outputs together. I defined external triggers for the modules but can't find a way to call them appropriately and afterwards save the outputs as a variable I can use. (The external trigger o
  2. Still working. Great! I tried around 5 workflows, that´s the one that made it. @Paba: Remember: You have to use the command rottenkey (your api) without hitting enter afterwards.
  3. Hey folks, the workflow as in 3.1 and with the change suggested by cands is still working for finding and manipulating tasks. BUT Omnifocus will not open to show a task / project / context etc. Looks like there is a small bug in the script. Anybody with enough experience here to update the script? Edit 2: I´ll copy the official OF documentation for how to open a specific thing in Omnifocus. That should be the key.. tell application "OmniFocus" tell default document make new document window with properties {perspective name:"Review"} activate "OmniFocus" end te
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