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  1. Hello Struggling to find the right thread for this request. I want to click a link in a Google Spreadsheet and have it open a Finder folder for me. a) Is there a way to make a URL with an alfred command in it? b) If I make a worflow with an external trigger, how do I find out what the AppleScript identifier is for the action of clicking the link? thanks for any guidance!
  2. Hello Dear Alfreds I do technical translation and we have a long shared Google spreadsheet with a list of terms and names that have very specific translations. I would like to be able select a word or name (e.g. Institute of Cinema and Audio-Visual Arts) and search for that in the "Translation Glossary". I don't mind if Alfred opens the Sheet itself in a browser window. (Getting it to return results in Alfred would be an interesting challenge though) Many thanks J
  3. Sorry, I may have misled you. It's more like I'm trying to do it on Google Sheets (I guess I said Excel because old habits die hard). I'm just wondering if there was a way with alfred to look at the selected cells in Google sheets and wrap that into a formula. I guess it's hard for Alfred to know what cells are actually selected.
  4. Hi Any ideas on how to create a hotkey that creates a SUM formula using the selected cells? J
  5. Great stuff for Tabaholics. Can you think of a way to get this to work as part of the Default search or fallback search results? Just trying to get one less hotkey to remember.
  6. Would be great to have a keyword that brought up a box of options to choose from. For example: Keyword - email - name@gmail.com - name2@gmail.com - name.last_name@work.com
  7. That's a nifty little function I hadn't spotted before. It will save a few clicks. thanks.
  8. Hi All Is there a way to insert a 1Password search result directly into the selected field? At least is is possible to copy the password to the clipboard with a few clicks of the keyboard. Gmail recently changed their log in process. It now spans over two screens, 1 for email then another for password. With the 1Password mini app running I constantly have to right click in the field, call up the app, type the Gmail I'm using then hit enter. If I call up the 1pass mini app with a hotkey it will open a whole new window and start the log in process from the beginning. I have the same experience with Alfred's 1Password integration. I'd like Alfred to automatically bring up the gmail login page, fill in the emails address and then if I have to search for the password again insert it directly into the password field (least have the option of copy and paste). This would be useful for other situations where the app doesn't allow you to rightclick in a password field. 1password mini app doesn't allow you to navigate with keys alone, so to copy the password to the clipboard you have to hover over the password with your mouse and copy it. This becomes a big hassle on those days where you seem to do little other than logging in to accounts.
  9. Is it possible to make a hotkey that closes the advert banners on Youtube? I've worked out that if you refresh 3 times the opening advert goes away, pretty handy if the advertiser has paid for the full 20 seconds!
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