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  1. Yoooooo, thank you so much for this! Not sure how I missed your reply, but just saw this now. Works perfect!
  2. Wondering if it is possible to exclude results from a recent items list if the parent folder has a specific name (*not necessarily a specific path*)? With Ableton Live 10, automatic backups are made every so often and so they now populate the recent items list. Each project has a separate folder called 'Backup' that I'd like to exclude the results from. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks in advance! 😄
  3. Just downloaded from Packal, but the updater is showing a new version (1.3) is available, even though I just downloaded 1.6 from Packal. Thoughts?
  4. I've noticed that this only works for a handful of the workflows. Any idea why this might be?
  5. Hello all – new Powerpack user here. What about direct connection via USB? Believe it or not, for whatever reason. I am super sensitive to both WiFi and bluetooth radiation (Bluetooth not nearly as bad though...and regular cell is so bad for me I can't even hold my phone while browsing the web on it – sucks so much). Anyway, that is why I am interested in a wired connection. Once I realized how sensitive I was I scrapped all my wireless keyboards / mouses / other gear and have since gone completely wired in - yay for de-evolution! Is this possible? – woz_one
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