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  1. Hey, Thanks for this great workflow! I have customized it and added this at line 6, in order to close the tab in Safari automatically: close (every tab of front window whose name is equal to pageName) Very useful to me, so I thought it could be interesting to share
  2. Hey, I seems like the same thing happened to me this morning when starting my computer, so here is what I got: Tried to run ps aux|grep caffeinate|grep -v grep but nothing happened Typed in caffeinate -dsi and I could not input anything until I hit ctrl + c, so that worked Then I tried caffeinate -dsi >/dev/null 2>&1 & and the result was: [1] 574 Finally, I typed ps aux|grep caffeinate|grep -v grep and I got that result:Me 574 0.0 0.0 2455792 1248 s001 S 9:53AM 0:00.00 caffeinate -dsi I hope it helps! I will try one more time if if it ever happens again, to see if I get the same results. Cheers, Xavier
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