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  1. Hi All, I've never managed to get the Remote app working on my iPhone 5s or my iPad Mini Retina. Both are now running iOS8.2. My MacBook Pro is running Yosemite 10.10.2 I've looked through all the tips, troubleshooting and stuff on the forum here but nothing has worked for me so far When I get Alfred app server started and looking for remotes, the searching iOS Remote app picks up my Mac and shows the name of it on the iOS device screen. But then the connection never gets any further. This happens on both my iOS devices. Sometimes it just sticks there and nothing else happens, sometimes the iOS Remote app just crashes repeatedly. If I use direct connect it works over either wifi or wired network interfaces on the Mac but as soon as the IP changes it stops working and the auto connect still doesn't work Things I've tried Rebooting all the devices, Mac, IPad, IPhone, Router, multiple times Disconnecting all other wireless devices and just having the Mac and the IPad or IPhone Changing the port of the Alfred remote server Disabling the OS X Firewall + have checked that Alfred is allowed through it even when its on Reinstalling the iOS app I even had to start my IPhone from a clean install (no backup data) so everything on there is fresh - made no difference Tried added a new user on my Mac My Network setup is a BT Home Hub 5, my Mac has wired and wireless connections to it. I don't believe wireless isolation is on. Any thoughts? --- Update --- The direct connection has stopped working now after rebooting my Mac. The IP hasn't changed but neither device can connect anymore. Manually doing another direct connect on the same host IP worked but thats a pain in the ass.
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