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  1. Hi, I'm curious what type of actions you would like an IntelliJ workflow to perform? It's certainly possible to coerce the application from a scripting perspective.
  2. Sparrow is still the fastest, most functional mail client on OS X, and that's with no new development for 6+ months.
  3. Just updated this with a new action and bug fixes. Create Markdown links to Finder items: This will create a Markdown formatted link to a local file or directory selected in Finder. Helpful for quick navigation to external supporting files/directories from within your FoldingText outline. Here is the latest update: FoldingText.alfredworkflow
  4. I also just deleted and tried installing via AlfPT and it works fine. I'm running OS X 10.7.2, and the latest Alfred build, b70.
  5. I uploaded a new copy to see if there was something corrupt in the previous version. Download it here: http://d.pr/f/cZAc+. Let me know if you're still not able to toggle the hidden flag.
  6. That's really weird that it's not working on your system. It's a really simple script; not much to go wrong. I just deleted it from my system and reinstalled and it works as expected. It could be a permissions problem so let me try it on another system and see if I can find the problem. As for the TotalFinder option, I'll add that to the workflow as well.
  7. The reason is my WordPress blog was giving me a hard time uploading the .alfredworkflow file. I didn't have time to mess with it so I just compressed it. I plan to take a closer look at what was going on tomorrow. All of the workflows I've created are also available on my GitHub repo: www.github.com/Morse-Code/Alfred. I have also added all of the workflows to AlfPT.
  8. An Alfred workflow for automating actions on the most recently downloaded items in your designated download directory (i.e. “~/Downloads”). This is a port of the similarly named Alfred v.1 extension developed by Okke Tijhuis (@otijhuis, otijhuis.tumblr.com), and David Ferguson (jdfwarrior.tumblr.com). Download Recent Downloads workflow or clone repo from GitHub: github.com/Morse-Code/Alfred The original authors did a great job of documenting the corresponding Alfred v.1 extension upon which this workflow is primarily composed from. This documentation is included in the repo in the file "Recent Downloads Extension.pdf".
  9. Workflow to toggle the visiblity of hidden files in Finder. The workflow is configured to use the keyword “hid”. The workflow should also be available through AlfPT, the Alfred 2.0 Package Manager. Download Hidden Files Toggle or clone from my repo on GitHub: github.com/Morse-Code
  10. Workflow to create a symbolic link to a designated file or directory. The file/directory to link against is designated by typing the keyword ”sym” followed by the item’s path in the Alfred dialog box, or by first selecting the item in the Finder and then using Alfred’s built-in Finder Selection action menu. The new symbolic link is saved to the Desktop by default. Download Symbolic Link Creator or clone repo from GitHub: github.com/Morse-Code/Alfred - Chris
  11. Hey, somehow one of my workflows was uploaded but did not get associated properly with my account. I didn't think it had actually uploaded, but when I tried to upload again I got a message saying "Another user has uploaded a workflow with bundleid com.morsecode.filerevealer. Please choose another." If you could delete that version I can re-upload properly so it is listed with my other workflows. If there is a better solution let me know. My user name is Morse-Code, and the extension is named "Hidden File Toggle", with the bundle ID "com.morsecode.filerevealer". Thanks, Chris
  12. I just added this workflow to AlfPT: The Unofficial Alfred Workflow Repository. Should be available shortly as "FoldingText"
  13. An Alfred workflow that compiles several useful FoldingText script extensions. Most of the individual scripts are available from the FoldingText homepage. I decided to create a streamlined workflow to house them in Alfred, which is much more user friendly than a bunch of random keyboard shortcuts. Download FoldingText.alfredworkflow or clone repo from GitHub: github.com/Morse-Code/Alfred Actions available within the workflow inlclude the following: Expand/collapse document folds to a given level. Export from FoldingText to OmniFocus, OmniOutliner, OmniGraffle, or OPML. View current document in Marked. Create Markdown links to open Safari tab(s). Thank you to everyone who contributed to this workflow with their open source code, and please let me know if I missed anyone. A special thanks to Robin Trew for providing most of the guts for the first three workflows. The scripts used can be found on Robin's GitHub repo at RobTrew/tree-tools. The workflow is for use with Alfred v. 2.x and will not work with earlier versions. Cheers.
  14. Sorry, meant to follow the topic and just ended up dong a repost. Will delete when I get to my Mac.
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