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  1. issue: - many snippets are hard to organise - there is no way to document what a snippets is doing feature req: when creating snippet add a new field called 'comment/doc' that can be used to store some text like description or some kind of documentation along the snippet code itsel. this filed should not be pasted when snippet is executed but rather be used to describe the snippet
  2. This was the info i needed. Thanks
  3. that still too many keystroks to get the job done. Would it be possible to create some workaround, examples: - have shortcut diff then cmd+v that copy the paste the orig clipboard value i had. as you noted the orig clipboard entry is in the history list and I can access it by - have a snippet that uses the {fuu bar} expression that dynamically inserts clipboard value to the snippet template and returns the formatted snippet ?
  4. hello I tried to search but found nothing. Im using snippets extensively. often i already have a text in clipboard that i copy for example form a http site. i open iterm. i press my shortcut and lunch Alfred paste manager , type the relevant strings to find my snippet. one i select it with enter it is pasted to iterm but the original context of my clipboard is lost. How do i change this settings? I want Alfred to paste my snippet but to leave my original clipboard intact. Thanks rado
  5. hi, im using snippets. when i press 'viewer hotkey' shortcas a popup window opens and i can type to look for my string. This works almos perferctly. The problem is that the serach doesn't look for the keyworks. Examle snipper: name: xen ssh hv api keywords: sshr ssh hv api Snippet : fu... Now when you try to search and type - ssh u find the snippert - sshr u don't find the snipper When u now change the order of keyworks to (see the sshr is first word). YOu can search using 'sshr' and it finds this keyword. keywords: sshr ssh hv api Please fix this so the keyborad on the 2th and so one possitions can be used when searching. Thanks Rado
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