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  1. @Andrew I came here through Google because I have the same issue. Are there any new developments since this thread started?
  2. Right now Alfred allows full fuzzy matches for app names only, e.g. pto -> Photos. This leads to inconsistent results, when searching for files and also clipboard, snippets etc. I would really like an option to enable the same behavior everywhere, so I can type for instance errcod -> ErrorCodes. Are there any plans to implement this in the future?
  3. Thanks for the excellent workflow. You made it really snappy and a joy to use
  4. I changed to a new machine recently and would like to keep the use statistic. Is it possible to transfer it to a new Alfred installation? While this is certainly not the most important issue, it's still fun to keep the records going
  5. This behavior can be replicated with the following steps: Activate "Use <- and -> for folder navigation" option under Features -> File Search -> Navigation Browse in Alfred to any folder with no files or subfolders Press left arrow key to go back to parent folder The cursor will move 1 char left instead I'm using the latest version of Alfred (2.8.3) on OSX 10.11.3.
  6. Any chance this feature makes it into one of the next releases?
  7. I'm trying to match my Google and Wikipedia search workflow icon with the one from Alfred, but couldn't find these 2 build-in icons. Where does Alfred store them?
  8. When I click the Alfred icon in the menu bar, then nothing happens. I'm not sure how Spotlight does this, but it triggers an event with its Bundle Identifier in Karabiner while Alfred doesn't.
  9. I really like the new behavior from Alfred and it works well so far. But now I noticed, that it has some conflict with Karabiner. I have Karabiner for mapping hjkl to arrow keys in Finder. Karabiner uses the app's bundle identifier to determine which app has focus. Since Alfred doesn't fire this UI event anymore, the keys are still mapped when I change to Alfred. Is it possible to change this behavior without taking the app's focus? For example: If I'm clicking on the Wifi icon in the menu bar, then it fires the bundle identifier event and my active window still has focus.
  10. Hi, I wonder if it would be possible to trigger a workflow based on the proximity of an BT device or based on the current network connection. Some use cases where this might be useful: Start a lock/login workflow on my Macbook each time I leave or return with my iPhone (maybe also Afred Remote?) Setup some apps/documents when I arrive in office and connect with Wi-Fi network Automatically connect with work VPN, if I'm connect with the network at some client's offices. I'm sure some smart people will have even more cool workflow ideas. Cheers, Nhat
  11. Wow, I never noticed this function before. Thank you
  12. I often use Alfred for for navigation through folders instead of Finder. Right now, Alfred can reveal queried folders and files in Finder with cmd + enter. Could you add an additional option to reveal the result in Alfred folder navigation instead?
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