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  1. I've been running 1Password 4 lately and I noticed that the integration with Alfred is broken. I've enabled iCloud sync which does cause the 1Password keychain to be saved in iCloud. I also believe that 1Password 4 uses a new file format with encryption. I've heard Andrew mention that he's working with Agile Bits to support 1Password 4, but it doesn't look like it's fully supported yet. Does anyone have a fix or if Andrew happens to ready this, when can we possibly see a fix for this issue? Thanks.
  2. Got it. I missed your previous response. Thanks.
  3. I'm using v2.0 (141). When adding a new contact in Address Book, if I input the phone number without any dashes (i.e. 8005554444), address book will automatically format the phone number with the correct parenthesis and dash placements (i.e. (800) 555-4444) once I finish editing the contact info. If you subsequently open up the contact in Alfred, the phone number shows up in the original form it was inputted without the formatting added by address book. Can this be fixed? One other thing I reported several days back but none of the two updates since then fixed it. The lightning icon in the itunes mini-player which resets the library is missing.
  4. I'm using v2.0 (138). The lightning icon in the iTunes mini player which resets the library is missing. Using command+R will still cause it to reset, but the button is missing.
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