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  1. Unfortunately, I can't very easily, since my Mac can't reach the first router (upstairs), which is why I installed the second as an AP. Is there anything I can try in relation to Bonjour before getting to that point? Thanks.
  2. Hey, guys, I've been using the Remote app since it launched, but I recently moved into a new apartment, which introduced some connectivity issues. Sometimes, my iPad and iPhone were able to see my Mac when I first booted the computer, or re-connected to the Wi-Fi, however, even that stopped working. I was able to connect with the "Direct" option, though I'd still like to get to the bottom of the issue. What else could I try to fix the auto-find feature? My main router is a D-Link DIR-868L and the second is an Asus RT-N56U in AP mode. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks!
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