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  1. How do I turn off the search function that looks in Dropbox as well as my mac? Is that possible? I have several works files on my mac that I use every day. Once a week I copy them to Dropbox as a back up. Since starting to use Alfred when I search for one of those files it pulls up both - the one on my mac & the one in Dropbox (same file name). Is it possible to eliminate Dropbox from the Alfred file search? Or better yet, is it possible to create a workflow that automatically updates these 5 files every time I save them? I don't mind doing it manually .. just curious.
  2. P.S. I use 1Password every day and tried to create this login through 1P, but I can only get it to launch the url and add one of the two pieces of info.
  3. Hi - I'm new to Alfred but am a bit stuck with workflow. I am a quick learner but am finding it hard to understand what is possible vs what is not possible with workflow. I am trying to create the following workflow: Launch a website; enter a name; enter an email address - the website in question is anymeeting.com For my work I join a particular chat room every day .. currently I have a bookmark which launches the website and takes me straight to the credential page. I have created a workflow that does this. What I am hoping is also possible is I can then add my name in the first box and my email address in the second box. That's it. So the shortcut would open a url & enter two pieces of text. Is this possible? and would anyone be prepared to walk me through it? I have read a ton of support pages but I can't find anything that matches what I am trying to do. Thanks.
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